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Concrete Beam Molds and Beam Testers

Certified Material Testing Products offers a variety of concrete beam molds and concrete beam testing supplies designed to assist in the flexural strength testing of beam specimens and load tests. For example, the Combination Portable Beam Tester offers a rapid field check of concrete beam specimens that have a minimum length of 20in. 

Concrete Beam Molds for Strength Testing

All of our Concrete Beam Molds meet ASTM and AASHTO requirements and are perfect for molding specimens for the flexural strength test. The Plastic Concrete Beam Mold uses thumb screws for quick and reliable stripping, cleaning, and assembly. The lightweight and hinge-free Steel Concrete Beam Mold assembles quickly, and with the stainless steel carrying handles, safe transport of the concrete test specimen is assured.

Concrete beam molds are essential tools for strength testing in concrete construction projects. These molds are used to create test specimens for determining the flexural strength of hardened concrete. They are typically made of steel or plastic, and come in various sizes to accommodate different sample volumes.

The beam molds are used to create rectangular specimens that are cast in place and then cured under controlled conditions. Once the specimens have reached the desired strength, they are tested using a three-point bending test to determine their flexural strength. This test measures the ability of the concrete to withstand bending forces without cracking or breaking.

Concrete beam molds are used in a variety of applications, including building construction, infrastructure projects, and quality control testing. They are particularly useful for ensuring that concrete mixes meet specified strength requirements and for verifying the quality of concrete products.

To use Concrete beam molds, the concrete is mixed and then poured into the mold. The mold is then vibrated to ensure that the concrete is evenly distributed and to remove any air pockets. Once the concrete has set, the mold is removed and the specimen is cured according to the testing standards.

Concrete beam molds are available in a range of sizes and configurations to suit different testing needs. They may be sold individually or as part of a testing kit that includes other essential equipment, such as a beam testing machine and a compression testing machine.

In summary, Concrete beam molds are an important tool for strength testing in concrete construction projects. They provide a reliable and accurate means of testing the flexural strength of concrete specimens, ensuring that concrete mixes meet specified strength requirements and that concrete products are of high quality.

Quality Concrete Beam Testing Equipment & Molds

At Certified Material Testing Products, we have an incredible selection of concrete beam molds for sale. Additionally, you'll find other concrete beam testing equipment that you need for your application. When doing flexural strength and load tests, you require hardware that you can count on for accuracy and dependability. We put that kind of thought into all of our equipment, including each beam mold. Price is something you have to consider as well, and we do our best to bring you the affordability you need — you can even subscribe to our emails for extra savings. With Certified Material Testing Products, you'll get an accurate concrete beam test every time.

FAQs About Concrete Beam Molds

We want every customer's concrete beam sampling procedure to be as smooth as possible, whether they need to meet ASTM or AASHTO requirements. We've answered a few questions below, but you can always contact us if you need to know more.

What Concrete Beam Mold Size Options Are Available?

We offer a variety of different concrete beam mold size options, including:

  • - 4"x4"x14"
  • - 6"x6"x20"
  • - 6"x6"x21"
  • - 6"x6"x24"
  • - 6"x6"x30"
  • - 6"x6"x36"

These different sizes allow you to achieve various concrete beam sample dimensions, depending on your application.

What Materials Are Available for Concrete Beam Molds?

Our selection includes steel and plastic concrete beam molds. You can also choose a heavy-gauge steel beam mold. In addition, you can select whether you want a one-piece hinged or hinge-free concrete beam mold. Uses for these vary and depend on the specific testing you're doing.

How Do You Know Which ASTM/AASHTO Concrete Beam Test Requirements a Mold Meets?

Check the individual product page for each concrete beam mold to see the ASTM and AASHTO test methods with which it is compliant.

What Concrete Beam Testing Equipment Do You Need?

If you need to know how to make a concrete beam sample for load or flexural strength testing, we recommend the following equipment:

  • - The concrete beam mold itself (plastic or steel)
  • - A combination portable beam tester
  • - A concrete beam specimen lifting handle
  • - A set of concrete beam mold carrying handles

Trust Certified Material Testing Products for Concrete Beam Molds & More

Chances are, you know what concrete beam testing equipment you need for your job. And, chances are, we have it. Certified Material Testing Products wants to ensure you have everything you need to complete each concrete beam test you have to do. That's why we offer a wide variety of concrete beam molds in different sizes and materials. Check out our selection today, along with the rest of our concrete testing equipment, and reach out if you need more information.

Best Concrete Beam Molds Include:

Concrete Beam Mold
  • Concrete Beam Mold, 4"x4"x14", Steel
  • Concrete Beam Mold, 6"x6"x20", Steel, Hinge-Free
  • Concrete Beam Mold, 6"x6"x21", Steel, 1-Piece Hinged
  • Concrete Beam Mold, 6"x6"x21", Steel, Hinge-Free
  • Concrete Beam Mold, 6"x6"x24", Steel, 1-Piece Hinged
  • Concrete Beam Mold, 6"x6"x30", Steel, 1-Piece Hinged
  • Concrete Beam Mold, 6"x6"x36", Steel, 1-Piece Hinged
  • Concrete Beam Mold, Plastic
  • Concrete Beam Mold, Plastic, 4in