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Concrete Mixers

At Certified MTP, our concrete mixer, portable concrete mixers and every mud mixer are the ideal choice for your next construction project. in need of the right mixer. Our durable, high-quality portable concrete mixers are built to sustain a quality job performance throughout their long life, making them a trusted product for evert concrete mix. With unmatched reliability, you can count on Certified MTP for the best concrete mixer for any job. We also offer the popular Stationary Concrete Mixer.

We understand the importance of precision and efficiency and put all our efforts into providing you with the best mixers to suit your needs and requirements. Whether you are looking for portable concrete mixers, a stationary cement mixer, or a lab mixer, Certified MTP has the equipment you need to test and maintain the strength and sustainability of concrete used for your structure. 

Our CONCRETE MIXERS category offers a diverse selection of machines tailored for any project, from home use to large-scale construction. Featuring concrete mixers with capacities greater than 1 cubic yard, our range includes both mobile mixers for on-site mixing and auto concrete mixers with automatic cement mixing capabilities. Ideal for various materials including stucco mix, these mixers ensure reliable consistency and fully adjustable water input for optimal results. Whether you need a multi-use mixer for different applications or the best concrete mixer for home projects, our products are designed for durability, efficiency, and speed, catering to the dynamic needs of the market.

Why choose us? 

At Certified MTP, we know how important efficiency, accuracy, and precision are when working with materials like cement and concrete. A cement mixer is essential as it ensures the final product is well-blended and fit for use. From mortar mixes or a cement mixer for the job, we’ve got you covered with nothing but the best products.

Whatever project you’re working on, from big to small, cement mixers ensure you achieve optimum results and a successful outcome. From bench top lab mixers, or mortar mixers, like our Bench Top Lab Mixer W/Attachments, 12qt to larger models, like the Crown MAX MIX C, Concrete Mixer 1/3 HP Motor, 3 Cu Ft, Steel Drum, Wheel Barrow Style, we’ve got various options to suit whatever project you’re working on. 

Key features and benefits  

We bring you a wide selection of concrete mixers and ensure quality is always at the forefront. Our dedicated experts work to ensure you’re equipped with only the best mixers for any project you face. Our wide selection will help to simplify the construction process, and you’ll achieve efficiency and productivity throughout.


All our concrete mixers work to produce high-quality outcomes, using advanced technology to ensure you achieve the results you require. Our products incorporate advanced features like the variable operating speeds of one of our bestselling mortar mixers, the Bench Top Lab Mixer W/Attachments, 12qt, and the locking hand lever that seamlessly raises and lowers the bowl. Perfect for mixing mortar.

With efficient features and attention to detail, our products have been created to ensure they meet industry standards and always provide you with the best results. You can put your trust in our reliable concrete mixers and experience a successful outcome during every use. 


For many construction projects, cement mixers are essential, and you can count on Certified MTP to meet all your needs with our wide range of mixers. With various designs, sizes, materials, and features, we have a comprehensive collection of versatile concrete mixers that will bring you the best-blended concrete possible. 

Our bestseller, the Stainless Steel Bowl For Bench Top Lab Mixer, 12qt is a top-class concrete mixer bowl with two side lift handles for practical support. This reliable bowl is an essential element of concrete mixing, and paired with a handheld mixer, our Stainless Steel Wire Whip For 12qt Bench Top Lab Mixer, it’s the ideal addition to your construction project. 

Furthermore, we also have a collection of mixing paddles to further the effectiveness of any job. For denser materials, our Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Flat Beater For 5qt Bench Top Lab Mixer is ideal for providing robust support and strength, helping you achieve the best quality outcome. 


At Certified MTP, we know efficiency is essential and strive to help you achieve your goals with our effective products. Precision is a vital element of the construction process, as the consistency of the mixture must be smooth and well-blended. 

Our Bench Top Lab Mixer W/Attachments, 5qt, ASTM/AASHTO Compliant, works efficiently to help you achieve the best results. With selectable operating speeds, it provides accurate and effective mixing to meet the specific requirements of the mixture and project. 

To meet all your mixing needs, shop our range of concrete mixers today and rely on us for reliable and effective products for your next project. Contact us for more information, and sign up with your email for industry insights, product information, new offers, and more. 


  1. How does a cement mixer work?

Cement mixers work by effectively mixing materials used for construction projects. Materials like concrete and mortar must be well-blended with a smooth consistency before use, and a cement mixer is an efficient and simplified way of achieving this. 

  1. What are the benefits of using a cement mixer?

Using a cement mixer has many benefits, such as time efficiency, increased productivity, and enhanced blend consistency. Relying on a cement mixer instead of manual mixing helps to create more effective results and higher levels of quality control. 

  1. How do I choose the right size mixer?

Before deciding on the suitable concrete mixer for you, consider factors such as the scale of your project, the volume of materials needed, and the need for transportation and portability. From there, you can decide on the right cement mixer for the job. 

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We recommend the Stationary Concrete Mixer for most residential and small construction projects.