Concrete Crack Monitoring

Certified Material Testing Products offers a complete line of concrete crack monitoring tools and solutions. Our concrete crack monitoring and measurement devices make it easy to measure crack widths in any concrete structure, such as buildings, bridges, highways, roads, and more.

Each concrete crack monitor is transparent and marked with a red crosshair cursor and measures cracks in 1mm increments in both horizontal and vertical planes. Shop our selection below!

Concrete Crack Monitoring and Measurement Devices

Concrete Crack Monitoring GaugeOur variety of concrete crack monitoring equipment includes the Concrete Crack Gauge, which is the economical choice for most applications. Need vandal-resistant monitor? The Concrete Crack Monitor Plus is the perfect choice for vandal-resistant in the field. For concrete crack measurements and monitoring, the economy Crack Comparator is ideal for most projects. Also, the Concrete Crack Width Gauge is designed specifically to measure widths and locations of cracks prior to beginning a monitoring program. 

We also have other useful concrete crack monitoring tools to get the job done. The Concrete Crack Displacement Monitor is used for measuring horizontal and displacement movement where there is a step across a crack due to displacement of "out-of-plane" movement. The Concrete Crack Monitor Corner Adapter uses a hinged mounting bracket to allow tracking of cracks in corners and works seamlessly with the Concrete Crack Monitor Plus and with applications needed for concrete crack testing materials.

Monitor Concrete Structures with Testing Equipment

Whatever the quantity that you need for monitoring concrete structures such as bridges and roads, all of our concrete crack monitoring and measurement devices are in stock and ship today! Our extensive inventory also includes other concrete testing equipment to assist you for your next job!

Certified Material Testing Products makes monitoring concrete cracks easy!