Concrete Crack Monitoring

Concrete Crack Monitoring

Stay ahead of structural issues with concrete crack monitors that will give you complete peace of mind. Concrete cracks and crack movement, including in corners, can be telltale signs of potential structural issues. For early detection and precise monitoring, it’s essential to use advanced crack monitors and monitors. 

These innovative tools that monitors cracks offer valuable insights into crack movement and size, enabling timely intervention so you can fix issues before they get worse. With proper monitoring with a tell tale crack gauge, you can understand the behavior of concrete under various loads and environmental conditions.

With the crack monitor at Certified MTP, we show that we understand the critical importance of concrete crack monitoring with a tell tale crack gauge. That’s why we offer cutting-edge crack monitoring solutions designed to deliver accurate results and facilitate informed decision-making when you locate cracks in concrete. Our collection includes high-quality crack monitors, crack displacement monitors, and inexpensive devices that help track and measure crack width with a crack width gauge, crack movement, and other vital parameters.

Whether you’re a construction professional in need of crack monitors, structural engineer, or maintenance expert, our concrete crack monitoring tools and the crack monitor provide the necessary precision and reliability to assess crack severity and changes over time. Whether you need physical tools or software applications to track crack growth and behavior, we have you covered with the tell tale crack gauge and crack monitors.

Discover the power of concrete crack monitoring by exploring our top-of-the-range crack monitors, or keep reading to learn how to address potential issues proactively with a crack monitor or crack monitor kit.

Choose the Right Concrete Crack Monitor Tool or Concrete Crack Monitors

When it comes to concrete crack monitoring, selecting the right tools is crucial to obtain accurate measurements and track the movement of any cracks in concrete structures or structural cracks. Visual inspections can identify some cracks, but having the right tools at hand is crucial to ensure the safety of your structure. At Certified MTP, we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality crack monitors, concrete crack monitors, and monitoring devices designed to meet your specific monitoring needs.

Our crack monitors are engineered to provide precise measurements of crack width, helping you to assess severity in a flash. With their durable construction, they’re ideal for long-term monitoring projects, ensuring reliable data collection over time. They are transparent and marked with a red crosshair cursor to measure cracks in 1mm increments in both horizontal and vertical planes, making them suitable for any job.

For detailed crack monitoring, a concrete crack monitor offers exceptional accuracy. These gauges consist of one plate or two plates positioned across the crack, allowing you to measure the relative positioning and track movement of the cracks in real time. They work with most cracks, allowing versatility in your work, whether you are constructing buildings, walls, or foundations. By capturing subtle changes in crack width, our crack gauges provide valuable insights into the structural integrity of the concrete.

To simplify crack monitoring, we also offer advanced monitoring devices that enable remote data collection and analysis. These crack monitors integrate cutting-edge technology to deliver real-time measurements. They facilitate the efficient monitoring of multiple structural cracks simultaneously. With wireless connectivity, our monitoring devices streamless your workflows and enhance data management.

We know how important precise measurements are. Our range of tools is meticulously designed to deliver accurate measurements, withstand harsh environmental conditions, and provide long-lasting performance.

Choose Certified MTP for crack monitors to gain confidence in your data.

Concrete Crack Monitoring Tools from Certified MTP

At Certified MTP, we offer a comprehensive selection of top-quality concrete crack monitoring tools designed to meet your diverse needs. Our range of tools includes advanced crack monitors, precise crack gauges, and reliable measurement crack monitors, ensuring accurate and efficient crack monitoring.

Our crack monitors are specifically engineered to track and monitor concrete cracks, providing real-time data on crack widths that allow you to assess their severity over time. 

For more detailed crack monitoring, our crack monitor options offer exceptional accuracy and versatility. The gauge monitors cracks in three dimensions and is sensitive to even small changes in width. The tell-tale system allows you to measure the relative displacement and widths of cracks. Whether you need to monitor cracks in concrete, masonry, or other surfaces, our crack gauges provide reliable and precise measurements. With their adjustable design and easy installation, our crack gauges can seamlessly integrate into your work.

In addition to monitors and gauges, we also offer digital calipers and other measurement devices to help you gain accurate readings. These devices are ideal for conducting measurements on a larger scale or when precise measurements are needed. We have everything you need, from the vandal-resistant Concrete Crack Monitor Plus to the economical Crack Comparator.

Meanwhile, the Concrete Crack Displacement Monitor is ideal for flat surface measurements and “out-of-plane” movements. Alternatively, the Concrete Crack Monitor Corner Adapter uses a hinged mounting bracket to allow tracking of most cracks in corners, working seamlessly with the Concrete Crack Monitor Plus and with software applications. 

We always prioritize quality and reliability in all our concrete crack monitoring tools. Our products undergo rigorous testing to meet industry standards and deliver accurate results. Choose Certified MTP for your concrete crack monitoring needs and benefit from our extensive range of tools to ensure the integrity and safety of your concrete structures.

Browse the Full Collection of Concrete Crack Monitoring Devices or Concrete Crack Monitors

With Certified MTP, you can confidently address cracks in concrete with our wide selection of reliable and efficient tools. From advanced crack monitors to a precise crack width gauge, we offer comprehensive solutions for monitoring cracks and measuring crack width. Our devices enable you to track crack movement, assess crack widths, and identify potential underlying problems. 

By utilizing our products and accessories like epoxy paste, you can take proactive measures to assess concrete cracks effectively. Trust our high-quality devices to provide accurate measurements, facilitate informed decision-making, and empower you to take appropriate maintenance actions. 

Invest in our concrete crack monitoring devices to ensure the long-term durability and safety of your structures.


1. How do concrete crack monitoring tools or concrete crack monitors work?

Concrete crack monitors, such as crack monitors and gauges, work by capturing and measuring the movement of structural cracks, including cracks in concrete so that there is an accurate measurement of crack width with a crack width gauge or crack monitors. These tools are installed on a cracked flat surface, often using epoxy or other adhesives to ensure a secure fit. The position and location of a crack monitor are strategically chosen to provide precise measurements, creating a continuous graphic record of crack movement. This allows you to monitor changes over time, helping to assess structural integrity and track any potential issues. Some tools also provide measurements of ambient temperature, which can help you explain the cause of cracks.

2. Which concrete crack monitoring tool or concrete crack monitors do I need?

The choice of concrete crack monitors depends on various factors, including the nature and extent of the cracks and the specific requirements of your job. A concrete crack gauge or crack monitors can do the job of monitoring small-scale cracks in concrete, but you may need a monitoring program for more extensive cracks. Assess your monitoring goals and consult with our experts to determine the most appropriate tool for your specific application, or contact us for more information.