Concrete Crack Gauge

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Concrete Crack Monitor for Structures

Monitoring crack widths in concrete buildings, bridges, and roads is easy and reliable with this Concrete Crack Monitor. The overlapping upper plate is transparent and marked with a red crosshair cursor. The white bottom plate measuring grid is marked in millimeters. Opening and closing of the crack is monitored in 1mm increments.

Record periodic readings from the Concrete Crack Monitor by using the supplied chart. This allows for an easy, precise determination of structural foundation movement. The log form may be copied as needed for additional readings.

At Certified Material Testing Products, monitoring crack widths in concrete structures, bridges, buildings, and roads are now remotely easy with this concrete crack monitor. The Concrete Crack Monitor is in stock and ready for immediate shipment today, whether you need just 1 or hundreds. Most orders arrive within 2-3 business days after order using FedEx ground shipping. Shop our Concrete Crack Monitoring tools today!

Concrete Crack Monitor Design and Details

The Concrete Crack Monitor is built with a simple design with a range of 20mm horizontally and 10mm vertically. There are no spigots for use with calipers and the mounting holes are not slotted. 

Full Line of Concrete Crack Monitoring Equipment

Certified Material Testing Products provides Concrete Crack Monitors as part of a complete line of concrete testing equipment for roads, bridges, and foundations. Need a vandal-resistant monitor?  The Concrete Crack Monitor Plus is the perfect choice for vandal-resistant in the field. The Economy Crack Comparator is ideal for concrete cracks measurements and monitoring. The Concrete Crack Width Gauge is designed specifically to measure widths and locations of cracks prior to beginning a monitoring program. The Concrete Crack Displacement Monitor is used for measuring horizontal and displacement movement where there is a step across a crack due to a displacement of "out-of-plane" movement.

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