Concrete Cure Time

Concrete Cure Time

We offer concrete cure time devices for determining concrete set time. Careful curing of concrete specimens assures that concrete strength develops properly and all requirements are met. These concrete set time products will help you measure the cure time of your concrete to ensure the job is done right!

Products to Measure Concrete Cure Time

Certified MTP offers a wide range of concrete cure time products for your specific concrete testing application. The Command Center Maturity System was developed to ensure that the loss of valuable information from theft, vandalism, climate, or the construction environment is eliminated through the use of self-powered iButton Sensors. The iButton Sensors conveniently collect, store and upload time and temperature data to the USB port of a laptop or Pocket PC. We also offer a number of cables, wires, and other individual products used for concrete dry time testing.

In order to estimate when concrete mixes are approaching their initial set, we recommend the Concrete Pocket Penetrometer. We also offer a mortar penetrometer for determining concrete set time. Shop our selection below and browse the rest of our Certified Material Testing Products store!