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Concrete Measuring Tools

Tough, Firm Concrete Measuring Tools 

Concrete measuring tools from Certified MTP provide a reliably fast method for measuring soil, asphalt, concrete, and cylinders. Our specially made concrete measuring tools will accurately measure diameters of concrete cylinders, the depth in millimeters, and determine concrete core lengths.

The Concrete Measuring Tools category offers a wide range of instruments and devices designed to accurately measure and evaluate concrete structures. These tools are essential for professionals in the construction and engineering industries who require precise measurements and evaluations to ensure the quality and integrity of concrete.

One of the key products in this category is the Mitutoyo 500-159-30 Digital Caliper, which provides a range of 0 to 6 inches and features a 1.5-inch jaw. This caliper allows for precise and efficient measurements, helping professionals gauge the dimensions of various concrete components.

Another essential tool offered in this category is the Core Length Measuring Device for 4-inch/6-inch Concrete Test Specimens. This device allows for accurate measurement of the length of concrete cores, which is crucial for assessing the strength and quality of the material.

The Proceq Pundit PL-200 Pulse Velocity Tester is another valuable tool in this category. It uses ultrasonic waves to measure the velocity of these waves in concrete, providing information about the material's integrity and potential defects. This device assists professionals in identifying weak spots and determining the overall condition of concrete structures.

Additionally, the category includes various other measuring devices such as digital calipers with different ranges and jaw sizes, Pi Tape Measures with both imperial and metric measurements, and concrete micrometers. These tools cater to the diverse needs of professionals, allowing them to accurately measure concrete thickness, dimensions, and other key parameters.

The category also offers a range of complementary accessories and upgrades for the aforementioned devices. These include transducers, carrying bags, calibration certificates, and verification cylinders, which further enhance the accuracy and functionality of the measuring tools.

Whether professionals are working on large construction projects or performing routine inspections and assessments, the Concrete Measuring Tools category provides the necessary instruments for accurate and reliable measurements. These tools contribute to the overall safety and durability of concrete structures by ensuring precise evaluations and analyses.

Meeting ACI 368 recommendations, and ASTM C39 requirements for rigidity; concrete measuring tools from Certified MTP are immeasurably firm and the toughest in the industry. Shop for concrete micrometers, core length measuring devices, diameter measuring tapes for concrete cylinders, and digital calipers today from Certified Material Testing Products extensive line of concrete testing equipment!

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