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Lab Hoods

Lab Hood

At Certified MTP, we understand the importance of safety in a workspace, and laboratory fume hoods are vital for filtering out and controlling toxic fumes. Our comprehensive collection offers only the best lab fume hoods that’ll help keep your workspace as effective, safe and productive as possible. 

We pride ourselves in our range of chemical fume hoods or a ducted hood that experts have designed to ensure you achieve the best outcome possible. Coming in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate any lab space or setup, our chemical fume hoods are the ideal choice of reliable equipment to help streamline your work process and keep the environment safe from toxic chemicals and optimal ventilation.

Our Collection of Laboratory Fume Hoods and Workstations

At Certified MTP, all our products are made with high-quality materials, making them the most reliable choice of laboratory fume hoods for any laboratory space. Designed with optimum laboratory safety in mind and protect users, these chemical fume hoods are crafted with advanced technology to prevent cross-contamination, powder containment hood with ventilated enclosures, or our chemical fume hoods are a lab essential and won’t disappoint you. 

Key Optimal Features and Benefits of the Laboratory Fume Hood

Laboratory fume hoods and ducted fume hoods play a crucial role in the safety of a workspace and for your work surface, as they work to control hazardous substances, which reduces the risk of contamination and exposure. Safety is vital for all your scientific research and experiments, and our products are reliable and durable; you can trust that they’ll provide optimum results, time after time. 

Reliability and Consistency for the Laboratory Fume Hood

At Certified MTP, our laboratory fume hoods are long-lasting, reliable products that work consistently to enhance the safety of your lab. They work to protect the environment and increase productivity and workflow in a lab by creating an uncontaminated and clean space. Developed by dedicated experts, our collection of laboratory fume hoods will perform to a high standard every time and hugely benefit your workspace. 

Our bestseller, the Lab Companion AAHB4021K, UV-21 UV Cabinet, is just one example of our exceptional products. It has top-class safety additional features, like the built-in safety interlock switch and constructional elements, like the user-friendly microprocessor-based control panel. It’s the ideal addition to any lab setting, crafted with advanced technology and will consistently provide optimum results. 

A Diverse and Versatile Laboratory Fume Hood Range

At Certified MTP, we don’t just offer one type of the laboratory fume hood, but our vast selection ensures you have everything you need to suit your specific needs and specific requirements. From fume hoods and workstations to clean benches and extraction filter systems, we offer a versatile range of products to help enhance your workstation. 

Our Lab Companion EDA9221 HEPA Filter For PW-21 PCR Workstation is one of many exceptional products we offer. For optimal protection against cross-contamination, this filter is an essential part of the ventilation process. It won’t let you down, as it makes your work environment more efficient and safe. 

At Certified MTP, we offer tailored solutions to help create the optimum work environment with our high-quality and durable products for all your ventilation needs. Whether you need ductless fume hoods, exhaust hoods, filtered fume hoods or more, we’ve got the product for you. Explore our excellent range today, or contact us for more insightful information. 

FAQs for the Laboratory Fume Hood

  1. How do laboratory fume hoods work?

Laboratory fume hoods have duct or exhaust systems that remove the contaminated air into an enclosed space to prevent workers from being exposed to dangerous gasses, hazardous fumes or harmful substances in the workspace. 

  1. What are the benefits of laboratory fume hoods?

Lab fumes offer many benefits in laboratory settings, such as enhanced safety, precise control of hazardous materials, contamination prevention, and a controlled and productive work environment. The laboratory fume hood can aid the outcome of experiments or research as they work to create reliable performance results while also offering flexibility.