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Corrosion Testing

Our concrete corrosion testing equipment equips you with all the tools needed to test the level of deterioration in your structure. Every structure is different, but our extensive line of corrosion testing equipment puts you in the best position to measure any corrosive concrete.

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corrosion testing equipment is essential in determining the durability and service life of reinforced concrete structures. These structures are susceptible to corrosion, which can significantly reduce their strength and stability. Corrosion testing equipment helps to identify the level of corrosion in the structure and determine the appropriate measures to prevent or repair it.

There are different types of corrosion testing equipment, each designed for specific testing purposes. One of the most commonly used types is the half-cell potential meter. This device measures the potential difference between a reference electrode and the reinforcing steel in concrete. By analyzing the results, engineers can determine the likelihood of corrosion occurring and take appropriate actions to prevent it.

Another important type of corrosion testing equipment is the chloride ion penetration test kit. This kit is used to determine the chloride content of concrete, which is a major cause of corrosion in reinforced steel structures. The kit comprises a set of reagents and equipment that can quickly and accurately measure the chloride content of concrete.

In addition to the above, there are other types of corrosion testing equipment, including the corrosion rate meter, which measures the rate of corrosion in concrete structures. There are also devices that can monitor the moisture content and temperature of concrete, which are critical factors in corrosion.

Overall, corrosion testing equipment plays a vital role in ensuring the longevity and safety of reinforced concrete structures. It allows engineers to identify and address corrosion issues before they become serious, helping to minimize the cost of repairs and reduce the risk of structural failure. As the demand for more durable and sustainable construction materials increases, the use of corrosion testing equipment is likely to become even more critical in the future.

Concrete Corrosion Testing for Today's World

As concrete structures continue to age, the capability to perform a condition assessment becomes increasingly crucial. Corrosion detection, monitoring corrosion and identifying the corrosion rate are all essential tasks, and our concrete corrosion testing equipment helps you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Test equipment from Certified Material Testing Products outputs concrete corrosion results in a clear, easy-to-read format. There are no nagging questions when you use corrosion tests from Certified MTP. You'll always have the answers you need with our vast array of corrosion testing equipment.

Thanks to our extensive corrosion testing expertise, we understand your concerns and offer the equipment you need to complete your assessments.

Concrete Corrosion Testing Equipment for Field Personnel

Certified MTP offers a wide variety of corrosion testing equipment to identify corrosive or negatively exposed concrete on site. Our Concrete Corrosion Mapping System can scan a bridge deck, highway slab, wall or other structure for chloride-induced corrosion. The Rapid Chloride Permeability Test instrument can also assess the permeable chloride characteristics in your structure.

Personnel in the field can look beyond the concrete surface and detect alkali-silica in your solid concrete. Our ASR Detect Kit is the solution your on-site personnel needs to measure this reactivity. The Proceq Resipod Resistivity Meter will also measure your concrete's electrical resistivity using the Wenner probe principle.

Equipment for Corrosion Testing Laboratories

Certified MTP is also the go-source for corrosion testing equipment used to test concrete in labs. You can use our Emodumeter to analyze your concrete and measure its stability through longitudinal, torsional, and flexural vibration methods. There's also our large vacuum chamber and large vacuum pump for rapidly testing chloride permeability in large quantities of specimens. And we offer many other products to assist in your corrosion testing lab, from sealing rings to our Rapid Chloride Permeability Measuring Cell.

Going Beyond Concrete Corrosion Testing

Our corrosion testing equipment is part of our larger inventory of concrete testing equipment. Whether it's asphalt testing, cement testing, soil testing or another assessment, we have the device you need to ensure your structure and materials are fit to complete the job.

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Certified MTP is your online source for material testing. Our concrete corrosion testing equipment delivers the results you need when you need them. You can rely on our broad array of products to generate accurate, reliable results time and again. Start shopping today for the high-quality concrete corrosion testing equipment your operation requires.