Concrete Test Hammers

Certified Material Testing Products proudly offers quality concrete test hammers as part of a complete line of concrete supplies and non-destructive testing equipment. The Schmidt Hammer, also known as a Swiss hammer or a concrete rebound hammer, measures the elastic strength of concrete or rock for surface hardness and penetration resistance. Shop our line of top-notch concrete test hammers and accessories today!

Feature Concrete Test Hammers

The original Type N Schmidt concrete test hammer is ideal for fast, inexpensive, nondestructive estimations of in-place concrete strength. Certified Material Testing Products also recommend two generic brands for the concrete rebound test: the Gilson Type N concrete test hammer and the versatile Type N concrete test hammer.

Put Your Concrete Test Hammers Into Action

In addition to our concrete test hammers, look through the rest of our concrete testing products. From our concrete accessories and beam testing products to our unit weights and self-consolidating concrete, we are determined to bring our customers only the best in concrete testing products. If you have any question on our concrete test hammers or any of our other products, please contact us!