Concrete Moisture Meters

Concrete Moisture Meters for Flooring

Choose from our selection of concrete floor moisture meter or concrete moisture meters to measure condensation, moisture, moisture expansion testing, and other elements in your concrete floor slabs and other concrete structures. Excessive moisture can lead to movement or deterioration of your concrete causing blistering and even mold. Concrete moisture meters for concrete moisture testing will allow you to test your concrete properly to counter any of these factors.

Measuring moisture in your concrete and concrete slab can be essential when installing flooring systems. Excess moisture can cause degradation in floors, which can be extremely expensive to replace. The moisture meter, or the handheld concrete moisture meters such as the CMEXpert ll and Concrete Moisture Encounter 4 can be placed directly on the surface to measure the amount of moisture content in your concrete. Our Concrete Moisture Test Kit uses moisture-absorbing calcium chloride to determine moisture emission in concrete. This is the main reason we recommend the concrete moisture meter.

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