Concrete Test Cylinder Molds

Concrete Test Cylinder Molds

Get the best concrete testing equipment available in today’s market, with both metal and plastic concrete cylinder molds that make concrete curing and strength testing easier. 

Among the many other important concrete curing and fresh concrete field tests, like slump and cure testing, concrete cylinder testing is an essential part of any construction project, especially those involving the creation of a foundational structure. They can shape and hold concrete specimens used for structural support in buildings. 

Our plastic concrete cylinder molds are in stock and normally ship the same day as your order, so why not have a browse? You can also learn more about a concrete cylinder mold and its usage below.

Understanding Concrete Cylinder Test Molds 

Concrete cylinder test molds are containers used for casting and forming cylindrical concrete specimens in a controlled environment. These molds can be made of plastic or steel and are designed to maintain the dimensions and shape of a concrete cylinder during the curing process. 

The purpose of concrete cylinder test molds is to create standardized samples of concrete for compression testing and quality control. The cylinders are cast from fresh concrete to cure and harden within an enclosed area. 

These test molds come in dimensions to accommodate concrete project specifications and testing requirements. A common size includes 4 x 8 inches (102 x 203 mm), but you can also get 6 x 12 inches (152 x 305 mm) depending on the height and diameter of your specimen. 

At Certified MTP, we offer metal and plastic concrete cylinders, but we also carry quality graduated tamping rods and a concrete cylinder domed lid to maintain a consistent shape of a cylindrical mold. 

Choosing the Right Concrete Cylinder Test Mold

Selecting the correct cylinder concrete test mold ensures the accuracy, reliability, and durability of your concrete project. You can preserve the shape of each concrete piece to ensure consistency and safety when building a structural support system. All of our plastic concrete cylinder molds are made from a non-absorbent, single-piece injected plastic mold for a consistent shape and dimensional integrity.

You can choose between plastic or steel for the material composition. Plastic molds are lightweight and durable, but they also have corrosion resistance, making them suitable for damaging environments such as corrosive concrete substances. On the other hand, steel molds have greater strength and accuracy during the concrete curing and compression testing process.

Before choosing a concrete cylinder test mold from our plastic and steel range, consider the mold quality, conformance to standards, and code compliance. Below are some factors that ensure accurate and seamless results. 

  • Dimensional accuracy - Our high-quality concrete cylinder molds are suitable for a wide variety of testing laboratories and concrete projects because they meet established guidelines for curing and protecting specimens. 

  • Regulatory compliance - Concrete test cylinders should always meet ASTM standards including c470, C 31, and C 39. This compliance demonstrates your adherence to the best practices in material testing, legal obligations, and safety procedures and standards. 

  • Quality control and assurance: The concrete testing process can identify potential issues or discrepancies in the mold before you pour concrete. 

Proper Usage and Maintenance

There are guidelines we recommend you follow before using our concrete test cylinders. Mold inspection through visual inspections ensures there is no damage or signs of wear that could interfere with a concrete test. For mold preparation, use suitable release agents or a lubricant to facilitate easy de-molding. With our plastic molds, covering them with moist curing sheets is essential for maintaining temperate conditions during the curing process of your cylinder molds. 

Following the right maintenance practices will also keep your cylinder molds up to scratch. Regular cleaning and inspection can increase mold longevity, but they will also minimize the risk of errors in your concrete project. 

Our concrete accessories range from cleaning supplies to concrete restoration for the best results.  

Ensuring Accuracy and Reliability

Calibrating concrete cylinder molds is a process that ensures quality control and dimensional accuracy. You can use calibrated measuring equipment, such as calipers and micrometers, to test the diameter and height of each mold. Following a calibration procedure can help you measure concrete strength and dimensions that fall within an accepted range.

Non-destructive testing can also assess mold integrity for your concrete test cylinders. This form of testing includes visual inspections for deformities, dimensional metrology for ensuring precise measurements, and tap testing to indicate weak areas or damage within the concrete mold. With these methods, you will gain the best results for your structure.

Lastly, complying with relevant ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards is essential in materials testing and construction. Here at Certified MTP, we provide products that are approved by safety regulations and can give you confidence in any form of concrete testing. 

Choose Our High-Quality Concrete Cylinder Test Molds 

Our concrete cylinder molds for concrete testing are part of our extensive selection of concrete testing equipment.  We keep our plastic and metal concrete cylinder molds well stocked. You will also need a stripping tool to remove the single-piece test cylinder mold from the test cylinder. 

Concrete cylinder test molds play a significant role in material testing because they assess the concrete’s compressive strength. When it comes to concrete testing equipment for ASTM C470 requirements, you can trust Certified MTP to deliver high-quality concrete test cylinder molds at competitive prices. 

Each of our test cylinder molds is non-absorbent, climate-resistant, and comes with an unlimited shelf life. In terms of the manufacturing quality of each concrete cylinder mold, the testing products and solutions we sell are constructed of the highest quality materials, weather resistant, dimensional tolerance, and injected plastic unit. 

It is important to consult ASTM regulations to determine the precise concrete cylinder tests that should be performed to ensure the quality and safety of the foundations and structures you wish to construct. 

If you want to prioritize quality, conformity, and easy maintenance for reliable concrete testing, choose from our range of concrete cylinder test molds.