Rebar Chairs

Choose Concrete Rebar Chairs to fit the needs of your next job from our selection below. Rebar chairs are used as support systems for a number of different precast and concrete applications. Rebar chairs can be used to hold concrete slabs, hold post-tension cables in place, and help with other tasks involving foundation placement. rebar-chairs.jpg

Types of Concrete Rebar Chairs

Our extensive concrete testing equipment includes a wide variety of different concrete rebar chairs. Choose between non-corrosive rebar support chairs with base or rebar chairs without base. If your foundation needs heavier reinforcement, then our large rebar support chairs are the solution for you. Certified MTP also offers Rebar Mesh Chair Supports for stable support on grade and nearly unbreakable Tilt-Up Rebar Chairs that reinforce tilt panels without impeding the flow of concrete.

Rebar Chairs For Any Application

Each concrete project will have different needs. Certified MTP provides rebar chairs and spacers that work for most applications. These specially designed components are made for rebar support projects. Lay your rebar with confidence by using plastic rebar chairs to hold them firmly in place. Heavy-duty construction is hard enough — save money on your next reinforced concrete slab with rebar chairs.

Save Time And Money With Concrete Rebar Chairs

Skip the wire tying process and keep your jobs moving with a rebar chair. Spacing is essential for your concrete pours, and rebar chairs allow for smooth concrete flow to reduce job time. With just a snap, rebar chairs hold your rebar in place, giving your next concrete project proper reinforcement in half the time.

The Advantages Of Plastic Rebar Chairs

Industries all over are realizing the advantages of using plastic rebar chairs for concrete reinforcement. There are many reasons to choose plastic rebar chairs, including:

- Quick and convenient implementation
- Low cost per unit
- High strength
- Stackable
- Adjustable
- Continuous
- Secure footing

Keep your projects ahead of schedule and under budget with plastic rebar chairs. These rebar supports are stackable for deeper concrete slabs and strong enough for workers to stand on during pours. Discard metal rebar chairs for cost-saving durability with plastic rebar supports. 

Rebar Chairs And Other Accessories

For all of your rebar projects, Certified MTP has support systems for many different concrete applications. 

Unibar Centralizer

A unibar centralizer supports cage alignment for concrete reinforcement. Typically made of non-corrosive plastic, these durable tools are used to achieve proper design strength and ensure quality during the construction process. 

Steel Plated Rebar Cap

Made to fit all sizes of rebar, rebar caps are used to comply with safety requirements and local construction regulations. Plastic caps are placed on the end of vertical rebar and other exposed areas to protect workers from abrasions, cuts and other injuries.

Rebar Spacer Wheel For Wire Mesh

Used in applications where vertical rebar is used, spacer wheels keep the rebar in the center of the area where the concrete will be poured. Rebar spacer wheels are often made from metal and are essential in keeping wire mesh and rebar in place for concrete wall reinforcement.

Shop Rebar Chairs And Supports

Certified MTP provides plastic rebar chairs and supports that are used across many industries and construction projects. Our high-quality concrete rebar chairs are designed for heavy industrial applications as well as commercial and residential projects. Work fast and work smart with rebar chairs from Certified MTP.rebar-chair.jpg

When you're pouring concrete, structural toughness and integrity is needed. Rebar chairs fix and hold rebar and reinforcement bars off the ground and so that they are located correctly during the pouring concrete. Shop with Certified Material Testing Products because the right chairs are needed in construction and building needs.

Concrete rebar chairs have the characteristic of a sturdy metal or plastic construction, which makes them ample in any concrete pouring job. These chairs assure that the rebar is excellently positioned before the pouring of the concrete. As a result, the rebars are kept far enough away from the ground to furnish enough structural support. The chairs are available in various shapes and sizes, which helps customize how the chair rebar is supported in the construction project.

Slab bolsters gives the same type of structural benefits for you concrete pouring project. These rebar supports helps level the rebar and reinforcing steel in footings. The perfect addition in any building components when you are pouring a slab of concrete.