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Masonry Saws & Concrete Cylinder End Grinders

Masonry Saws for Concrete Cutting

These concrete masonry saws are heavy-duty power tools designed for cutting through the thickest of materials. Our Husqvarna Masonry Saw uses 14-inch blades to cut into concrete with up to a 5 inch depth. With our rolling stand you can make this saw portable to easily move from place to place. Alternatively, our Husqvarna Guardmatic Masonry Saw is a more stationary option that can cut heavy-duty 8-inch blocks or concrete cylinders with one pass of its 20-inch blade.

Concrete Cylinder End Grinders

Concrete cylinder end grinders are essential to have in any laboratory that carries out concrete testing or tests others materials. They can eliminate a lot of labor-intensive manual work when it comes to finishing and sulfur capping your concrete. Additionally, an end grinder can improve health conditions in the lab by reducing dust and other contaminations. For alignment, use our Concrete Cylinder Grinder JigPlaneness Tool Set, and Cylinder Grinder Head

Choose from our selection of concrete masonry saws and concrete cylinder end grinders for your next job or project. Our durable concrete saws are built to cut through heavy-duty concrete and other thick materials with strength and precision. Cap off your sample specimen with one of our concrete cylinder end grinders specifically built for laboratories. Certified MTP also carries a number of masonry concrete saw and end grinder parts and accessories including tools to measure alignment, portable stands, foot pedal controls, and blades.

Shop Certified Material Testing Products for masonry saws, concrete cylinder end grinders, concrete testing equipment, and more!

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