Seedburo COIN-307 Coin Envelopes 3.5in x 6.5in (1000 Units)


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Sample & Coin Envelopes

The sample envelopes' fold down, tuck-in flaps resists sifting of fine seed and grain.
Made of heavy jute stock to protect your finest samples and is ideal for storage or mailing. These envelopes are available in 8 sizes from 1 ounce to 16 ounces.
These bags are sold in quantities of 1,000, but they are packaged in cartons of 500 for shipping purposes. If you order a quantity of one (1), you will receive 1,000 envelopes. Minimum order for this product is 1000.

These small Brown Kraft coin envelopes are ideal for sending or storing samples. Sold in quantities of 1,000. Specify gummed or ungummed flaps when placing the order. Additional features include: self-sealing latex gum, perforations, and printing.
Ship wt: 10 lbs, Ship dims: 14" (L) x 10" (W) x 8" (H).


  • 1SE: Sample Envelopes 3in x 4-1/2in
  • 2SE: Sample Envelopes 3-1/2in x 5-1/4in
  • 4SE: Sample Envelopes 4in x 6in
  • 6SE: Sample Envelopes 4-1/2in x 7in
  • 8SE: Sample Envelopes 5in x 8in
  • 10SE: Sample Envelopes 5-1/2in x 9in
  • 12SE: Sample Envelopes 6in x 10in
  • 16SE: Sample Envelopes 7in x 11-1/2in
  • COIN-305.5: Coin Envelope 3 1/8in x 5 1/2in (Specify Gummed Or Ungummed)
  • COIN-307: Coin Envelope 3 1/2in x 6-1/2in (Specify Gummed Or Ungummed)
  • COIN-LATEX: Coin Envelope Latex Self Seal Gum (Per 1000 Units)
  • COIN-PERFS: Coin Envelope Perforations (Per 1000 Units)
 Seedburo COIN-307 Coin Envelopes 3.5in x 6.5in (1000 Units)

Seedburo COIN-307 Coin Envelopes 3.5in x 6.5in (1000 Units)