Gilson HMA-2 Chace Concrete Air Indicator Vial


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Gilson HMA-2 Chace Concrete Air Indicator Vial

The Chace Concrete Air Indicator Vial is available individually, or as part of the Chace Air Indicator Kit., and used with the Chace Air Indicator in estimating air content in fresh concrete.


  • Ideal for field testing
  • Vial constructed of glass, with marked lines on vial stem for estimating total air content
  • Economical method for field estimation

The Chace Air Indicator Kit is used for quick estimations of air content in fresh concrete. Method is ideal for rapid field tests or to supplement air meter tests. A sample is placed in the measuring cup, then inserted into the glass tube, and the tube is filled with isopropyl alcohol. Percent air is determined by number of lines the alcohol drops in the stem of the vial after agitation.

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Meets Test Method:

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Gilson HMA-2 Chace Concrete Air Indicator Vial

Gilson HMA-2 Chace Concrete Air Indicator Vial