Durham Geo TR-704 F.A.P. Plus 4in Density Skimmer (3.5in diameter)


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TR-704 F.A.P. Plus™ 4" Density Skimmer (3.5" diameter) | DGSI Slope Indicator Environmental Products

Density skimmers are used when there is less than 18 inches of fluid from the bottom of the well to the water/product interface.

These skimmers have a specific gravity of 0.95 and float in the water with the top inlet just above the product/water interface. The skimmers have an effective travel of 24 inches. The 2 in and 4 in sizes are for use in well casings with these nominal inside diameters. The 6 in and 12 in models are self-supporting and may be used in large diameter wells, open excavations and open water applications.

  • The skimmer is attached to the bottom of the F.A.P. Plus™ pump and is used to separate the product from the water in the well.
  • The skimmer is a necessary part of the F.A.P. Plus and F.A.P. Plus ZW pumps and must be ordered separately.
  • Depending on your site conditions, three types of skimmers are available: standard, high-viscosity, and density
    Note: Density skimmers are not compatible with the F.A.P. Plus ZW. To use a density skimmer, you can either purchase a conversion kit (TR-51699) or you can purchase the F.A.P. Plus pump (TR-516).

F.A.P. Plus™ Pump System

The F.A.P. Plus™ Pump system is comprised of seven main components:

  • F.A.P. Plus™ Pump (1*)
  • Skimmer Assembly (2*)
  • Well Clincher (3*)
  • Filter/Regulator (5*)
  • Pneumatic Overfill Protection Device (4*) 
  • Electric Air Compressor (not shown*)
  • Hoses (not shown*)

* refer to product photo for reference


  • Solar NAPL Compressor
  • F.A.P. HF

TR-702 / 704 / 706 / 712 F.A.P. Plus Density Skimmer Specifications

  • Weight: 3 lb
  • TR-702 Dimensions: 1.65-in dia.
  • TR-704 Dimensions: 3.5-in dia.
  • TR-706 Dimensions: 5.5-in dia.
  • TR-712 Dimensions: 11.5-in dia.
  • Float: UHMW polyethylene, S.G. 0.95
  • Inlet Screen: Stainless steel mesh
  • Coil: Polyurethane tubing
  • Effective Travel: Up to 24 in
  • TR-51699 F.A.P. Plus ZW Conversion Kit: 10-32 plug, 1/8 in-OD plug


 Durham Geo TR-704 F.A.P. Plus 4in Density Skimmer (3.5in diameter)

Durham Geo TR-704 F.A.P. Plus 4in Density Skimmer (3.5in diameter)