Gilson SSA-58C, 1L Sieving Aid (Package of 5)


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The Sieving Aid is a very fine (5—7µm), high-purity silicon dioxide powder. When mixed with fine samples (2% by weight is typical), Sieving Aid keeps material free-flowing and prevents agglomeration from static attraction or high humidity. It also acts as a dehydrating agent for samples.


  • Addition of Sieving Aid does not affect sieving results, because of its extremely low bulk density of 7lb/ft³ (112kg/m³).
  • 1L is sufficient for over 100 sieving tests.
  • Typical dry purity is 99.6% SiO2.
  • Available as individual 1-liter bottles or a convenient 5-packs
1L Sieving Aid (Package of 5)

Gilson SSA-58C, 1L Sieving Aid (Package of 5)