Irrometer IRR12-W, 12 inch Model R Irrometer


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Turf-Tec Model R Irrometer - Tensionometer (IRRKIT-W - Irrometer Service Kit required)

For measuring soil moisture by using soil water tension

  • 6 inch Deep Model Irrometer (IRR6-W)
  • 12 inch Deep Model Irrometer (IRR12-W)
  • 24 inch Deep Model Irrometer (IRR24-W)
  • 36 inch Deep Model Irrometer (IRR36-W)

The Model R is the standard one-piece Irrometer for general use with irrigated row, tree, and field crops, but can also be used in greenhouse and nursery applications or for monitoring Vadoze Zones. Simply make a hole and insert the tensionometer into the soil, fill it with distilled water and prime the suction with the Vacuum Hand Pump (Model R Irrometer Service Kit). After about 24 hours, the ceramic block will reach equilibrium with the soil and give the moisture level. Leave it installed in the soil and you can periodically check to see when your crops or trees need additional irrigation.

Features a tough Butyrate plastic body that is impervious to soil chemicals or electrolysis, a fixed porous ceramic tip designed to give quick response to variations in soil moisture, and a hermetically sealed gauge that indicates soil suction from 0 to 100 centibars (gauge operates counter-clockwise). A large reservoir with a screw cap for filling holds a reserve supply of water to replace water lost by action of drying soil.

Partial unscrewing of cap releases air, and refills the tube from the reservoir. All joints are permanently sealed. Irrometer fluid, supplied with the Service Unit accessory, adds color to the water for easy water level observation. The Model R Irrometer requires the Service Unit accessory and the Soil Coring Tool with the initial order.

  • Hermetically Sealed Gauge — Accuracy and long life are ensured by a hermetically sealed cover with a molded-in diaphragm that keeps dirt and moisture out and compensates for variations in temperature and barometric pressure.
  • Air-Free Gauge — The water seal prevents air from entering gauge, so gauge and chamber remain full regardless of fluid level in instrument.
  • The IRROMETER Body — is constructed of tough durable plastic impervious to attack by soil chemicals or electrolysis.
  • The IRROMETER — is available in standard lengths of 6, 12, 18, 24 (15, 30, 45 & 60 cm)
  • Closure — Large cap for easy operation and better control. Cap removes for filling reservoir. Submerged valve gives a positive leak proof seal. Servicing is instantaneous with a twist of the wrist.
  • Reservoir — holds a reserve supply of fluid sufficient for several irrigation cycles under average operating conditions. Unscrewing cap part way releases air and fills tube to replace fluid lost by the action of drying soil.
  • Ceramic to Plastic — connections are permanently leak proof.
  • Ceramic Tip — has many times the strength of conventional tips. It is more porous to give quick response to variations in soil moisture.



  • MATERIALS: Butyrate body, ceramic tip, neoprene stopper
  • RESERVOIR SECTION DIMENSIONS: HEIGHT: 4.75 in. (120 mm) – 5.125 in. (130 mm) including cap DIAMETER: 2 in. (51 mm) – 2.15 in. (55 mm) including cap


  • LENGTH: Ranges from 6 in. to 24 in. (15 cm to 61 cm) DIAMETER: .875 in. (22 mm)
  • INSTRUMENT WEIGHT: 12 in. (30 cm) is .968 lb. (.439 kg) with increases of .252 lb. (.114 kg) per foot
  • CERAMIC TIP: White tip – used for most soil types
  • WARRANTY: One year

Additional Accessories (Service kit required)

  • Model R IRROMETER Service Kit Includes Vacuum Hand Pump, 1 oz. Irrometer Fluid, 25 Monthly Chart Forms
  • Irrometer 7/8” Insertion Tool, 30 inch Irrometer 7/8” Insertion Tool, 30 inch - Provides proper hole diameter for best contact between porous tip and soil. 30” Long.
 Irrometer IRR12-W, 12 inch Model R Irrometer

Irrometer IRR12-W, 12 inch Model R Irrometer