Bon Tool 12-881 Texture Mat - Ashlar Blue - 24" X 24"

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Detailed Description

Create stunning and realistic textures on your concrete projects with the Bon Tool 12-881 Texture Mat in Ashlar Blue. Made from flexible polyurethane, this mat is designed to provide a durable imprint that can withstand heavy use, while also offering a floppy design that allows it to flex and bend for use in tight areas.

This remarkable texture mat comes in a 24" x 24" size, making it the perfect addition to any concrete finishing job. Furthermore, the mat is designed in the Ashlar Blue pattern, which is ideal for those looking to give their concrete surface a distinct and appealing texture. Additionally, it is available in multiple color options, allowing you to mix and match different mats to create a more varied and random appearance on your concrete surface.

Designed to be user-friendly, the Bon Tool Texture Mat is incredibly easy to use. Simply press it into your concrete surface while it's still wet and lift it off to reveal a stunning textured finish that looks just like natural stone or brick. The mat can be used on a wide variety of concrete surfaces such as patios, walkways, pool decks, and even indoor floors. Not only does it add aesthetic value to your concrete, but it also provides necessary slip resistance for added safety.

Overall, the Bon Tool 12-881 Texture Mat is an indispensable tool for anyone looking to create a unique and attractive texture on their concrete projects. Its durable design, user-friendly functionality, and range of color options make it an outstanding choice for both DIY enthusiasts and professional contractors alike. Take your concrete finishes to the next level with this exceptional texture mat from Bon Tool.


 Bon Tool 12-881 Texture Mat - Ashlar Blue - 24" X 24"

Bon Tool 12-881 Texture Mat - Ashlar Blue - 24" X 24"