Bon Tool 01-185 Statistical Booklet

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The Bon Tool 01-185 Statistical Booklet is an essential guide for brick masons, contractors, and DIY enthusiasts who want to increase their knowledge in the field of bricklaying. This comprehensive booklet is packed with valuable information that covers a wide range of topics, from brick bond patterns to estimating, and from chimney and fireplace construction to mortar joints.

One of the highlights of this booklet is its coverage of different brick bond patterns. It provides detailed diagrams and explanations of popular bond patterns, including running bond, Flemish bond, and English bond, making it easy for users to select the right pattern for their project. Additionally, the booklet discusses the different types of bricks and blocks, providing information on their shapes and sizes. This information is essential for matching the right bricks to the right project.

The Bon Tool 01-185 Statistical Booklet also includes a section on estimating, which covers the basics of calculating the amount of materials needed for a project. This section is particularly useful for contractors and masons who want to ensure that they purchase the correct amount of materials and avoid wastage.

The booklet also covers the various types of Portland cement, including their properties and uses, as well as a section on metric conversions. This is especially handy for users who need to convert measurements from imperial to metric, or vice versa.

The Bon Tool 01-185 Statistical Booklet is easy to carry around, thanks to its paperback design. It is also relatively compact, containing 28 pages of valuable information, including 80 trade terms. This booklet is ideal for anyone who wants to increase their knowledge of the bricklaying industry or for anyone who needs a quick reference guide on the job site.

In conclusion, the Bon Tool 01-185 Statistical Booklet is a valuable resource for anyone involved in the bricklaying industry. It covers a broad range of topics, including brick bond patterns, estimating, and cement types, making it an essential reference for beginners and professionals alike. Get yours today and increase your knowledge of one of the most important skills in the construction industry!


 Bon Tool 01-185 Statistical Booklet

Bon Tool 01-185 Statistical Booklet