Bon Tool 14-235 Manila Rope - 100' X 5/8"

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The Bon Tool 14-235 Manila Rope is a reliable and durable option for a variety of applications. Made from 100% pure manila rope, this three-strand rope offers a natural resistance to swelling and a consistently strong tensile strength of 3960 lbs. The 5/8" diameter of the rope provides a sturdy and secure hold, while the 100' length offers versatility in how it can be used.

Manila rope is well-known for its durability and resistance to abrasion, making it an ideal choice for outdoor uses such as camping, boating, or landscaping. It can also be used as a general-purpose rope for hauling or tying objects down. Its three-strand design ensures reliable strength while its natural material offers a pleasant appearance and texture, distinguishing it from synthetic alternatives.

This Bon Tool Manila Rope is particularly suitable for demanding applications where a rope's strength and resilience are paramount. It is a dependable accessory for professionals in the fields of construction, shipping, and agriculture. The rope is crafted with precision, ensuring consistent quality throughout its length.

The Bon Tool 14-235 Manila Rope is easy to handle and store, making it suitable for both commercial and personal uses. Its robust construction allows it to last for years, even in harsh or demanding environments. Additionally, it is a practical and safe option given its resistance to stretching and shrinking, which could otherwise compromise the performance of a lesser-quality rope.

Overall, the Bon Tool 14-235 Manila Rope is a reliable and versatile choice for anyone in need of a strong, sturdy, and long-lasting rope for various applications. This rope is a must-have for any individual or business seeking a reliable accessory to get the job done right.


 Bon Tool 14-235 Manila Rope - 100' X 5/8"

Bon Tool 14-235 Manila Rope - 100' X 5/8"