Bon Tool 27-265 Handle For Maul - 36" Hickory-Non Slip Grip

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The Bon Tool 27-265 Handle For Maul is the perfect accessory for your outdoor landscaping tools. With its 36" length, this handle is durable and sturdy enough for any heavy-duty work you have in store. The handle's hickory construction ensures that it is strong and robust enough to handle your toughest jobs. The handle is also designed to resist breakage, giving you peace of mind, knowing that you won't be left with a broken handle in the middle of a job.

One of the most notable features of this handle is its non-slip grip technology. The handle's surface is lined with a special grip material that ensures maximum comfort and prevents the handle from slipping out of your hands, even under wet or icy conditions. This non-slip grip design makes it easier to control your tool, which in turn makes your work easier and more efficient.

The Bon Tool 27-265 Handle For Maul is also easy to install, making it a great replacement option for a broken or worn-out tool handle. The handle features a universal size, allowing you to use it with a variety of Maul heads. Once installed, it firmly holds the Maul head in place, ensuring that your tool remains stable and doesn't wobble during use.

In terms of design, this handle is truly a work of art. Its beautiful hickory construction has a natural, timeless look that will complement any landscaping equipment in your tool shed. In addition, the handle is elegantly curved, fitting comfortably into your hand and allowing for a more natural swing when using your Maul.

In conclusion, the Bon Tool 27-265 Handle For Maul is an essential tool accessory for anyone looking for a durable, comfortable, and non-slip handle. Its 36" length, non-slip grip, and hickory construction make it ideal for heavy-duty work, and its easy installation and beautiful design are sure to impress any landscaping enthusiast.


 Bon Tool 27-265 Handle For Maul - 36" Hickory-Non Slip Grip

Bon Tool 27-265 Handle For Maul - 36" Hickory-Non Slip Grip