Bon Tool 84-874 Curb Lifting Squeeze Clamp

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The Bon Tool 84-874 Curb Lifting Squeeze Clamp is the ultimate solution for lifting curbs with ease and precision. This tool is exclusively designed for lifting curbs and not monuments. The center lifting chain applies pressure to lift curbs, ensuring safe and accurate lifting operations. With a 1500 lb lifting capacity, you can confidently handle any lifting task with ease.

The construction of this clamp is robust and durable, ensuring that it will withstand even the most challenging situations. The clamp is manufactured using premium-grade materials that are resistant to wear and tear, making it long-lasting and reliable. Its design includes a 6" maximum opening, which provides enough space to work with without any hindrance.

This Bon Tool lifting clamp is effortless to use, allowing you to focus on the task at hand without worrying about the lifting operations. The clamp is equipped with a squeeze mechanism that provides better grip and control over the load being lifted. You can effortlessly pick up curbs, controlling their position, and maneuvering them, thanks to the precision lifting ability of this clamp.

The Bon Tool 84-874 Curb Lifting Squeeze Clamp is an excellent investment for contractors, masonry workers, and DIY enthusiasts. Its innovative design, along with the ease of use and durability, makes it the ideal tool for heavy lifting tasks. Order yours today and take on your curb lifting tasks like a pro.

In a nutshell, this tool is a lifesaver for anyone involved in lifting curbs. It provides unparalleled precision, capacity, and control, allowing you to handle the toughest jobs with ease. Its robust and sturdy construction ensures that it will be your go-to tool for years to come. So, get your hands on this innovative lifting clamp and take the hassle out of lifting curbs.


 Bon Tool 84-874 Curb Lifting Squeeze Clamp

Bon Tool 84-874 Curb Lifting Squeeze Clamp