Bon Tool 84-286 Marking Crayons - Fluorescent Pink

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The Bon Tool 84-286 Marking Crayons in fluorescent pink are the perfect tool for those who work in lumber, masonry, steel, and other similar industries. These marking crayons are an essential tool that will help you save time and work efficiently by marking all your materials quickly and clearly.

Each package contains 12 marking crayons, providing you with a reliable source of high-quality marking tools. With their bright fluorescent pink color, these crayons are easy to spot, even from a distance. You won't have to worry about your marks fading, smudging, or disappearing completely since these markings stay visible for long periods of time.

These marking crayons are known for their durability and strength. They can withstand tough environments and won't break easily when you apply pressure while marking any surface. The fluoro pink marking crayons are also waterproof, which means they can withstand intense weather conditions and won't smudge or fade away when exposed to water.

The Bon Tool 84-286 Marking Crayons are extremely easy to use. Simply apply the crayon to your desired surface for it to leave a bright, noticeable mark. Moreover, these marking crayons work on all types of materials, including metal, wood, stone, concrete, and many others.

The model 52600 of the Bon Tool 84-286 Marking Crayon is one of the most popular choices on the market. Its compact size and ergonomic design make them easy to handle and use, making your work experience more comfortable and efficient.

So, whether you work in construction, carpentry, or any other industry that requires marking of materials, the Bon Tool 84-286 Marking Crayons in fluorescent pink would make for an excellent addition to your toolbox. These high-quality tools will help you work faster, smarter, and more efficiently, saving you time and effort every day.


 Bon Tool 84-286 Marking Crayons - Fluorescent Pink

Bon Tool 84-286 Marking Crayons - Fluorescent Pink