Bon Tool 28-601 Dirt Auger - Adjustable

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The Bon Tool 28-601 Dirt Auger is tough as nails and built to last. With all-steel construction and a hardwood handle, this auger is designed to handle even the toughest jobs. The iwan pattern of the auger is perfect for penetrating through hard-packed soil and other tough materials, making it an essential tool for anyone working in landscaping, construction, or any other industry that requires precise digging.

One of the standout features of the Bon Tool 28-601 Dirt Auger is its adjustability. The auger is designed to be adjustable to three different diameters: 5 1/2 inches, 6 1/2 inches, and 8 inches. This makes it incredibly versatile and adaptable to a variety of different tasks. Whether you need a wider hole for planting trees and bushes or a smaller hole for installing fence posts or other fixtures, this auger can get the job done.

The 24-inch T-style handle provides excellent leverage and control, making it easy to maneuver the auger and dig precisely where you need to. And because it's made from durable steel, you can be sure that it can handle a lot of wear and tear, even in the most demanding applications.

Overall, the Bon Tool 28-601 Dirt Auger is a reliable, versatile, and essential tool for anyone who needs to dig holes quickly, easily, and accurately. Whether you're a professional landscaper or just a weekend warrior looking to get some work done in your yard, this auger is sure to make your life a lot easier. So if you're looking for a high-quality, adjustable dirt auger that's built to last, look no further than the Bon Tool 28-601.


 Bon Tool 28-601 Dirt Auger - Adjustable

Bon Tool 28-601 Dirt Auger - Adjustable