Student thermometer, 20inch to 110 cinch / 0inch to 235inch f

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The United Scientific THPCF1 Student thermometer is a reliable and cost-effective way to measure temperatures in a variety of scientific settings. This thermometer is a red spirit-filled thermometer that provides increased safety and economic pricing compared to mercury options. The petroleum-based column with red dye is significantly safer and still provides accurate readings.

With a temperature range of -20° to 110°C / 0° to 230°F, this thermometer can be used in a wide variety of settings, making it an ideal choice for students and professionals alike. It has a length of 12 inches and an outer diameter of 6 to 7mm, making it easy to handle and use in a variety of containers.

The THPCF1 thermometer is a partial immersion thermometer, meaning it is useful if you have a shallow container that holds the substance to be measured. It has a small indicator ring that denotes the depth to which the thermometer should be submerged for an accurate temperature reading. This feature ensures that students are obtaining accurate readings and learning proper measurement techniques.

Overall, the United Scientific THPCF1 Student thermometer is an excellent choice for educational environments. Its increased safety features and economic pricing make it an affordable option for classrooms, labs or home experiments. The 12 inch length and partial immersion feature make it a versatile tool for measuring temperatures in a variety of settings. Whether for a science project, lab exercise or personal use, the THPCF1 thermometer provides accurate readings without compromising safety.

Certified Material Testing Products also offers an optional NIST traceable five-point Certificates of Calibration for select ASTM Thermometers. The popular ASTM #110C Viscosity Thermometer, 133.6 to 136.4F, NIST is the perfect choice for lab technicians testing viscosity.



 United Scientific THPCF1 Student thermometer, 20inch  to 110 cinch  / 0inch  to 235inch  f

Student thermometer, 20inch to 110 cinch / 0inch to 235inch f