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Precast Wire Chair, 2in (carton of 500)

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Precast Wire Chair, 2in (500/Ct)

Precast Wire Chair Supports are:

  • Excellent for architectusral concrete
  • Precast wire chair supports Wire Mesh
  • Open Design of the chair does not impede the flow of concrete
  • Sizes 1 1/2 and 2" available

The Precast Wire Chair, 2in (500/Ct) is an excellent product for supporting architectural concrete and wire mesh. Designed with an open structure, these wire chairs do not impede the flow of concrete during the casting process.

Available in two sizes, 1 1/2 and 2 inches, these wire chairs are versatile and suitable for various construction projects. The sturdy construction of the wire chair provides reliable support and ensures the stability of the concrete structure.

With a pack of 500 wire chairs, this product offers great value for money and is ideal for large-scale projects. Whether you are working on a residential building, a commercial complex, or an infrastructure project, the Precast Wire Chair is an essential tool for ensuring the quality and integrity of the concrete structure.

In addition to the Precast Wire Chair, our product line includes a range of other construction and precast products. You can explore our Grout Retention Rings, Rebar Chairs, Rebar Mesh Chair Supports, and other Precast Products to find everything you need for your construction requirements.

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Shop with us and experience the reliability, quality, and convenience of our products. The Precast Wire Chair, 2in (500/Ct) is a must-have tool for any construction professional. Ensure the stability and durability of your concrete structures with this premium product.

 Paragon Products 1202-1030, 2" Precast Wire Chair Support (500 pieces per carton)Precast Wire Chair, 2in (500/Ct)

Precast Wire Chair, 2in (carton of 500)