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Ohaus, Double Tier Platform, Kit

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The Ohaus 30400139 Double Tier Platform Kit is a versatile accessory designed to enhance your sample processing capabilities. This platform kit is part of OHAUS's range of shaker accessories that cater to specific sample requirements.

With a variety of platform options, the Double Tier Platform Kit is suitable for holding irregular samples, flask clamps, and tube racks. This allows you to maximize the usable space for your samples, and in some cases, even stack the platforms to increase throughput and double the sample capacity. The kit also includes tube racks and dimpled mats that securely hold tubes in place.

The applications of this platform kit are extensive and cover a wide range of scientific research and laboratory procedures. It can be used for cell cultures, bacterial and yeast cultures, immunoassays, protein studies, blotting techniques, staining and destaining gels, solubility studies, extraction procedures, DNA and RNA work, hybridizations, enzyme reactions, and ELISA assays.

Operating the Double Tier Platform Kit is hassle-free, as all the necessary hardware required for mounting to shakers is included. The construction of the kit ensures durability and longevity. The flask clamps are available in stainless steel or PVC, while all the platforms are made of high-quality stainless steel. The kit also includes a rubber mat for culture platforms, adjustable platforms, and large vessel carriers.

The Double Tier Platform Kit has the following specifications: it is a double-tier platform kit made of stainless steel, with dimensions of 14 inches in height and 11 inches in length and width.

For more detailed information on the product, there is a product manual available for reference. You can also refer to the OHAUS website for additional product resources.

Enhance your lab's sample processing capabilities with the Ohaus 30400139 Double Tier Platform Kit. Experience efficient and reliable sample handling while ensuring the highest quality results in your scientific research.

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 Ohaus 30400139 Double Tier Platform Kit

Ohaus, Double Tier Platform, Kit