Cube Mold, Brass, 2x2in, Cover Plate

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Cube Mold, Brass, 2x2in, Cover Plate

Machined out of brass, this three gang 2" x 2" cube mold makes three compression cubes at once. This mold casts cubes in a diagonal arrangement with a detachable brass base plate. Stainless thumb screws secure halves tightly together. Large upper surface strike off area makes this mold a preferred choice. Optional accessories include an all brass fitted top, or a cover plate designed to pour molten sulfur capping compound down through taper holes for testing compressive strength. Est. ship Wt: 15 lbs

  • Reusable
  • Easy to clean
  • Forms 3 test cubes
  • Separates into 3 pieces for ease of cleaning
  • Meet ASTM C109
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The Cube Mold, Brass, 2x2in, Cover Plate is a high-quality product designed for making compression cubes for testing purposes. Machined out of durable brass, this three gang mold allows you to cast three cubes at once, saving you time and effort. Each cube is formed in a diagonal arrangement, ensuring accurate and consistent results.

The mold features a detachable brass base plate, making it easy to remove the cubes once they are set. The halves of the mold are securely held together with stainless thumb screws, ensuring a tight seal during the curing process. This mold is designed with a large upper surface strike-off area, making it convenient and preferred by professionals in the industry.

One of the key advantages of this cube mold is its reusability. Once the cubes have been tested, you can easily clean the mold and use it again for future tests. The mold also separates into three pieces, making cleaning even more convenient and efficient.

In addition to its usability and durability, this cube mold meets the ASTM C109 standard, ensuring that it is of high quality and suitable for accurate testing procedures. It also comes with optional accessories, including an all-brass fitted top or a cover plate specifically designed to pour molten sulfur capping compound down through taper holes. These accessories are ideal for testing compressive strength.

The estimated shipping weight of this cube mold is 15 lbs, indicating its sturdy construction and reliability. If you need more information or want to explore other cube molds and cement testing equipment, you can view the full line of products on our website.

Overall, the Cube Mold, Brass, 2x2in, Cover Plate is a versatile and dependable tool for professionals in the concrete and cement testing industry. Its easy-to-use design, durability, and compatibility with industry standards make it an ideal choice for accurate and efficient compression cube testing.


Deslauriers Cube Mold, Brass, 2x2in, Cover Plate

Cube Mold, Brass, 2x2in, Cover Plate