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AMS 3012.96 Interface Meter with 5/8in Probe and 30m Tape

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The AMS 3012.96 Interface Meter with 5/8in Probe and 30m Tape is the ultimate solution for accurately measuring both floating and sinking hydrocarbons in non-aqueous product layers. This battery-powered and portable reel-mounted instrument is specifically designed to provide precise measurements of oil and water levels in monitoring wells, as well as detecting tank leakage.

Equipped with a 5/8-inch diameter probe, this interface meter guarantees reliable and accurate readings. The probe is made with high-quality stainless steel conductors, ensuring durability and robustness even in the harshest environments. When the probe is lowered into a well and comes into contact with the product layer, a solid tone and green light alarm are immediately activated on the reel, guaranteeing quick and efficient detection.

To accurately measure depths, the AMS Interface Meter features a 100-foot Kynar-coated measurement tape. This tape is marked in either engineering (standard/English) or metric unit increments, providing precise measurements in the units that suit your needs. Whether you prefer working with standard measurements or metric units, this interface meter has got you covered.

The AMS 3012.96 Interface Meter is designed to be highly portable, allowing you to easily transport and use it on-site. It comes with a rugged polypropylene reel, featuring an aluminum frame for additional durability. Additionally, it is shipped in a padded carrying case, ensuring safe transportation and storage.

Whether you are a professional in the environmental monitoring industry or simply need a reliable tool for detecting hydrocarbons and monitoring the water levels in wells, the AMS 3012.96 Interface Meter is the perfect choice. Its high-quality construction, accurate measurements, and user-friendly design make it a reliable companion for any fieldwork, providing peace of mind and efficient results.


 AMS 3012.96 Interface Meter with 5/8in Probe and 30m Tape

AMS 3012.96 Interface Meter with 5/8in Probe and 30m Tape

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