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1.5in Rebar Support Chair w/ Base for Bar Size 3 (800/Ct)

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1.5in Rebar Support Chair w/ Base for Bar Size 3 (800/Ct)

Rebar Support Chairs can be used for at grade or precast applications with the use of #3 through #6 rebar or post-tension cable.

  • Rod snaps easily into chair
  • Wide base allows chair to stand securely 
  • Eliminates wire tying
  • Non-corrosive durable polypropylene
  • Non-conducive, perfect for bridge decks

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The 1.5in Rebar Support Chair w/ Base for Bar Size 3 (800/Ct) is an essential tool for any construction project involving rebar or post-tension cables. Designed to provide strong support and eliminate the need for wire tying, these chairs are made from non-corrosive and durable polypropylene, ensuring their longevity and reliability.

One of the key features of these rebar support chairs is their easy-to-use design. The rod snaps easily into the chair, making installation quick and hassle-free. The wide base of the chair also allows it to stand securely, ensuring stable support during the concrete pouring process.

These support chairs are suitable for a range of applications, from at-grade to precast projects. They can accommodate #3 through #6 rebar or post-tension cables, making them versatile and adaptable to different construction needs. Whether you're working on a bridge deck or any other concrete structure, these chairs offer the perfect non-conducive support.

In addition to their practical design, these rebar support chairs are part of a larger line of products that cater to the needs of concrete construction. Check out the full line of Grout Retention Rings, Rebar Chairs, and Precast Products for all your construction needs.

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Invest in the 1.5in Rebar Support Chair w/ Base for Bar Size 3 (800/Ct) and experience the benefits of a reliable and efficient support system for your concrete construction projects. These chairs are built to last and deliver outstanding performance, ensuring that your structures are secure and well-supported for years to come.


1.5in Rebar Support Chair w/ Base for Bar Size 3 (800/Ct)

1.5in Rebar Support Chair w/ Base for Bar Size 3 (800/Ct)

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