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Wobble Wedges 7075, Flexible White Plastic Shims (Case of 900)

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Wobble Wedges 7075, Flexible White Plastic Shims (Case of 900)

Flexible Wobble Wedges® are super-flexible, non-marring wedge shims that easily conform to the shape of whatever they support. Their rubber-like texture creates a firm grip on slick floors and also reduces rattling sounds by absorbing vibration. Flexible Wobble Wedges® are an ideal toilet shim and can be easily trimmed to a perfect fit with scissors or utility knife. When leveling toilets and quieting noisy pipes, our flexible white wedges are a plumbers secret weapon.

Dimension (LWH): 1.92″ x 1.11″ x .25″ Angle: 6.45º

HOME IMPROVEMENT OR DIY-ERS: Our flexible white plastic shims for leveling are versatile wedge tools that can be used to fix things around the house like a professional! These spacers work as a stabilizer for an uneven table, bed frame, bookshelf, dresser, etc. 

EVERYDAY USE: Our white flexible wedges are ideal for leveling furniture while protecting wood and ceramic floors. Stabilize uneven bases of furniture, level large kitchen equipment, and fix wobbly tables. Easily level out your shelves and fix home furniture. 

PLUMBING FIXER & TOILET SHIM: The soft rubber spacers are flexible and can fit in small spaces to absorb vibrations and silence a rattling water pipe. This leveling tool also fixes a tilting or wobbly toilet. You can trim the plastic wedges so it will always be a perfect fit. 

MADE IN USA - MODULAR DESIGN: Precision engineered tapered leveling plastic shims feature interlocking ridges for a non-slip grip on both sides. You can securely stack these spacers to fit and level any space. The wedge is roughly 1.92" x 1.11" x .25" with a 6.45º angle. 

ESSENTIAL LEVELING TOOL: These shims and wedges for leveling should be in the tool box of every plumber and handyman. Wobble Wedges blend seamlessly into any environment, and can be easily cut or trimmed for a perfect fit.

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 Wobble Wedges 7075, Flexible White Plastic Shims (Case of 900)

Wobble Wedges 7075, Flexible White Plastic Shims (Case of 900)