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Wobble Wedges 075, Rigid Translucent Plastic Shims (Case of 900)

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Wobble Wedges 075, Rigid Translucent Plastic Shims (Case of 900)

Rigid Wobble Wedges® are tough and durable, supporting over 2,000 lbs. These shims are particularly useful as plastic shims for construction, and for fixing shaky tables on carpeting, uneven concrete floors and patios. When leveling heavy restaurant tables and food service equipment, Rigid Wobble Wedges are a must.

Dimension (LWH): 1.92″ x 1.11″ x .25″ Angle: 6.45º 

HOME IMPROVEMENT OR DIY-ERS: Our rigid transparent plastic shims for leveling are versatile wedge tools that can be used to fix things around the house like a professional! These spacers work as a stabilizer for an uneven table, bed frame, bookshelf, dresser, etc. This incredibly versatile tool makes any shimming, clamping, adjusting, leveling and installation job easier, faster, and more precise. 

EVERYDAY USE: Our rigid wedges are ideal for leveling furniture, and can be used to level pre-cast concrete blocks, steps, or patios. Stabilize uneven bases of furniture, bookcases and shaky countertop appliances. Easily level out your shelves and fix home furniture. Wobble Wedge also works as bed risers and furniture risers. 

RESTAURANT SUPPLIES: These tough and durable plastic shims and wedges for leveling are specifically designed for jobs requiring higher weight loads and can support over 2,000 lbs. Restaurant and café owners can fix wobbly tables, level large kitchen equipment, and stabilize table umbrellas. 

MADE IN USA - MODULAR DESIGN: Precision engineered tapered leveling plastic shims feature interlocking ridges for a non-slip grip on both sides. You can securely stack these spacers to fit and level any space. The wedge is roughly 1.92" x 1.11" x .25" with a 6.45º angle. These translucent rigid plastic shims do not shrink or swell with temperature change. 

ESSENTIAL LEVELING TOOL: These shims and wedges for leveling should be in the tool box of every plumber and handyman. Wobble Wedges blend seamlessly into any environment. These rigid plastic risers can be used independently or stacked together in any combination to level, tilt, lift, tighten, align, separate, secure, straighten, clamp or support.

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 Wobble Wedges 075, Rigid Translucent Plastic Shims (Case of 900)

Wobble Wedges 075, Rigid Translucent Plastic Shims (Case of 900)