Waterbase FLO Pink 3612 20 OZ (12 cans)

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The Mutual Industries 3612-175 Waterbase FLO Pink 3612 20 OZ (box of 12) (2/boxes) is a top-quality product designed to provide reliable and durable results. This product is specifically created for professionals and DIY enthusiasts who want to achieve optimal results in their projects. The 3612-175 Waterbase FLO Pink 3612 is an exceptional product, and perhaps the only one of its kind in the market that offers a high-quality, solvent-based paint system with a water-based formula.

With the MUTUAL INDUSTRIES 3612-175 WATERBASE FLO PINK 3612 20 OZ (12/BOX), you get a well-engineered and tested product that provides tough and weather-resistant moisture protection for any surface you apply it on. As an added advantage, the water-based property of this paint makes it easy to clean up with just soap and water when you are done with your project.

This product comes in a box of 12, which makes it ideal for large projects or for use in multiple locations. The FLO Pink color of this paint is a unique and vibrant shade, making it perfect for a variety of purposes. The paint is best suited for use on concrete surfaces as well as on wood and metals.

In summary, the Mutual Industries 3612-175 Waterbase FLO Pink 3612 20 OZ (box of 12) (2/boxes) is a high-quality paint product that offers excellent performance and results. It is easy to use, clean up, and is versatile enough to be used on different surfaces. Whether you are a professional or a DIY enthusiast, this product offers you everything you need to get the job done right the first time. Try it today and experience the difference it makes in your projects.


 Mutual Industries 3612-175 Waterbase FLO Pink 3612 20 OZ (12/Box)

Waterbase FLO Pink 3612 20 OZ (12 cans)