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Wash bottles, unitary, red, 500ml (pk of 4)

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The United Scientific 36606-R Wash Bottles are a set of four bottles, each with a capacity of 500ml. The bottles are constructed of low density polyethylene and are unitary, which means they have a built-in delivery tube. The red color of the bottles provides a visual indicator that they may contain hazardous liquids.

These wash bottles are a must-have for any laboratory that deals with potentially harmful substances. The red color makes it easy to distinguish the bottles from others in the lab and helps prevent any accidental exposure to hazardous liquids.

The low density polyethylene construction of the bottles makes them durable and long-lasting. They can withstand a wide range of temperatures and will not shatter like glass containers. The built-in delivery tube ensures that liquids can be dispensed accurately and without spillage.

These wash bottles are suitable for a wide variety of tasks, including washing glassware, dispensing solvents, and storing acids and other hazardous liquids. Each pack contains three sets of four bottles, making it easy to stock up on the essentials.

As with any laboratory product, it is important to follow all warnings and instructions when using these wash bottles. They are labeled with a warning regarding potential cancer and reproductive harm, as required by law.

In conclusion, the United Scientific 36606-R Wash Bottles are a high-quality, durable, and essential product for any laboratory dealing with hazardous liquids. Their red color provides a visual cue for potential danger, and their low density polyethylene construction makes them long-lasting and resistant to shattering. With their built-in delivery tube and multiple-pack option, these wash bottles are a worthwhile investment for any lab.
 United Scientific 36606-R Wash bottles, unitary, red, 500ml (pk of 4)

Wash bottles, unitary, red, 500ml (pk of 4)