Volumetric flask, class b, glass stopper, 100ml (pk of 12)

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The United Scientific FG5641-100 Volumetric Flask is the perfect addition to any laboratory. Made from high-quality, machine-blown glass, this flask is both durable and reliable. The flask features a heavy beaded tubing neck that allows for easy pouring and helps to prevent spills.

The sharp graduation line and large white block letters on the flask make it easy to read and measure liquids accurately. The flask has a capacity of 100ml with a tolerance of ±0.16ml, ensuring you get precise and reliable results every time you use it.

The flask comes with a ground glass stopper that fits perfectly into the neck, ensuring that no air can enter or escape the flask. The stopper has a size of 13 and is easy to insert and remove.

This pack of 12 flasks is perfect for labs and educational institutions where multiple flasks are required for experiments or lessons. The flasks are Class B, which means they meet the highest standards of accuracy and precision.

The United Scientific FG5641-100 Volumetric Flask is easy to clean and maintain, making it a great investment for any laboratory. Whether you are a student, researcher, or scientist, this flask is a reliable and accurate tool that will help you achieve excellent results every time.

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 United Scientific FG5641-100 Volumetric flask, class b, glass stopper, 100ml (pk of 12)

Volumetric flask, class b, glass stopper, 100ml (pk of 12)