Volumetric flask, class a, snap cap, 500ml

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The United Scientific FG5580-500 Volumetric Flask is a high-quality glass flask designed for precise measurement of liquids. The flask has a capacity of 500ml and comes with a plastic snap cap for added convenience. Measuring liquid volumes with high precision is crucial in many scientific and industrial applications, which is why the United Scientific FG5580-500 Volumetric Flask is an essential tool for professionals in a variety of fields.

The flask is made from durable, machine-blown glass that is designed to withstand heavy use. The heavy beaded tubing neck adds further durability, making the flask able to withstand frequent use and handling. The flask also features a sharp graduation line and large white block letters, making it easy to read and measure precise volumes of liquids.

The United Scientific FG5580-500 Volumetric Flask meets Class A specifications per ASTM E288, ensuring that it is of the highest quality and accuracy. The flask is batch certified, providing further assurance of its quality and precision.

The plastic snap cap included with the flask adds to its convenience, allowing users to easily seal the flask and store it safely. With its precise measurement capabilities, durability, and added convenience, the United Scientific FG5580-500 Volumetric Flask is a must-have tool for professionals who require accurate liquid measurement capabilities. Each pack contains three flasks, making it easy to have multiple flasks on hand for different applications.

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 United Scientific FG5580-500 Volumetric flask, class a, snap cap, 500ml

Volumetric flask, class a, snap cap, 500ml