Volumetric flask, class a, glass stopper, indiv. Cert, 10ml

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The United Scientific FG5639-10 Volumetric flask is perfect for laboratory and scientific applications that require precise measurements. This reliable product has a durable, machine-blown body and a heavy beaded tubing neck that makes it easy to pour while also ensuring strength and longevity.

The sharp graduation line and large white block letters on the flask provide clear and easy-to-read measurements, which is essential for precise calculations in laboratory work. The flask also comes with a ground glass stopper, which fits tightly to prevent any spillage or contamination.

This flask meets Class A specifications as specified by the ASTM E288 standards for precision, accuracy, and reliability. It is individually serialized and certified to meet the highest quality standards in the industry for precise measurements and dependable results.

With a capacity of 10 ml and a tolerance level of ± 0.02 ml, this volumetric flask is ideal for measuring small quantities of liquids accurately. The stopper size of 9 and the quantity of 2 per pack make this product a cost-effective solution for users who need to measure small quantities of liquids regularly.

In summary, the United Scientific FG5639-10 Volumetric flask is a reliable and durable option for those needing high-precision measurements in laboratory and scientific applications. It meets the Class A specifications per ASTM E288, is individually serialized and certified, and offers clear and easy-to-read measurements that make it a must-have product for laboratories and industries where precise measurements are critical.

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 United Scientific FG5639-10 Volumetric flask, class a, glass stopper, indiv. Cert, 10ml

Volumetric flask, class a, glass stopper, indiv. Cert, 10ml