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The United Scientific MVT004 Voltmeter is an essential piece of equipment for any electrical testing or research laboratory. This reliable voltmeter offers high accuracy and precision, with a measurement range of 0-5V.

The United Scientific MVT004 Voltmeter boasts a robust and durable construction, housed in a sturdy black plastic casing that will withstand the rigors of daily lab use. The scale length of the meter is 75mm, making it easy to read and interpret even at a glance. With an accuracy of +/- 2.5%, you can trust that your measurements will be reliable and dependable. The voltmeter is also equipped with a 5-way binding post and external calibrating screw, allowing for maximum flexibility and ease of use.

Please note that while the United Scientific MVT004 Voltmeter is built to last, it is not designed to withstand prolonged or significant overload. As such, care should be taken to avoid testing environments that could potentially damage the unit.

One of the standout features of the United Scientific MVT004 Voltmeter is its stackability, making it easy to store multiple units in minimal space. This is a convenient feature for those with smaller lab spaces or limited storage options.

Overall, the United Scientific MVT004 Voltmeter is a reliable and high-quality voltmeter that is sure to meet the needs of any laboratory or electrical testing application. Its combination of precision, durability, and flexibility makes it an excellent value for the price, and a must-have for any lab professional or hobbyist. However, please be aware that this product comes with a warning for cancer and reproductive harm, and care should be taken to use it safely.


 United Scientific MVT004 Voltmeter,0-5v