VELAB VE-324TS Analytical Balance (Internal Calibration), 320g, 0.1mg, 90mm / 3.5"

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The VELAB VE-324TS Analytical Balance (Internal Calibration), with its advanced technology and precision, is the perfect solution for any laboratory setting. With its large 5" touchscreen display, this analytical balance is easy to use and offers a wide range of functions.

Equipped with Monoblock technology, the VE-324TS provides accurate and reliable measurements. It has a capacity of 320g and a readability of 0.1mg, ensuring precise results every time. The balance also offers a repeatability of ±0.1mg and a linearity of ±0.2mg, further enhancing its accuracy.

Featuring 20 weighing units and 2 personalized units, the VE-324TS offers versatility and flexibility. It can be customized to fit the specific needs of your laboratory, making it an ideal choice for high precision requirements. The balance also includes functions such as parts counting, density calculation of liquids and solids, and dynamic weighing, providing all the necessary tools for your analytical needs.

With a pan size of Ø 90mm / Ø 3.5" and a stabilization time of 1.5-4 seconds, the VE-324TS ensures efficient and quick measurements. It also includes both RS232 and USB interfaces for easy data transfer. The 5" touchscreen display offers a user-friendly interface, allowing for easy navigation and operation.

Built with a metal base and ABS plastic housing, the VE-324TS is durable and long-lasting. The balance is designed to withstand the demands of a laboratory environment, ensuring reliable performance over time. It operates within a temperature range of 15° to 23°C / 59° to 75°F and a humidity range of 20% - 80%, making it suitable for various working conditions.

The VE-324TS comes with several accessories, including a calibration weight F1, RS232 cable, hook for suspending weighing, glove, USB adapter, and dust cover. These accessories complement the balance and provide added convenience for your laboratory workflow.

In conclusion, the VELAB VE-324TS Analytical Balance (Internal Calibration) is a powerful and versatile instrument that offers advanced technology and high precision. It is the perfect choice for any laboratory seeking accurate and reliable measurements.


Velab VELAB VE-324TS Analytical Balance (Internal Calibration), 320g, 0.1mg, 90mm / 3.5"

VELAB VE-324TS Analytical Balance (Internal Calibration), 320g, 0.1mg, 90mm / 3.5"