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Udy Sample Mill 2mm Steel Screen

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Udy Cyclone Sample Mills

The Udy Mill is designed for rapid uniform grinding of a wide variety of feeds, grains, fertilizers, etc., with complete recovery of sample.

The air flow provides self-cleaning action and minimum temperature rise.

Cross contamination and clean-out between samples are essentially eliminated.

Accessories included: 3 collection bottles with snap cap, 2 hex wrenches, antistatic solution, 0.5 mm and 1.0mm screens and clean-out brushes. Also available is a forage cover, which permits feeding forages, leaves and wood chip samples directly into the mill without preliminary grinding

  • Dims. 10 1/3" L x 10 1/3" W x 18 ½" H. | Ship Dims. 13½" L x 13½" W x 16" H.
  • Net wt.28 lbs. Ship wt 33 lbs.

Sample Mill Feed Controller
The Feed Controller provides introduces coarse sample material into the Cyclone Sample Mill. A 30 to 40 gram sample is poured into the hopper and is immediately conveyed (by a rotating screw) into the mill. Larger quantities (several pounds) may be handled by using a poly bag in place of the regular sample bottle. A 1" diameter screw is driven by a constant speed gearmotor. The switch has both a forward and reverse rotation control and a neutral or "off" position. Feed rate is 3 grams per second. The Feed Controller is designed to fit on all UDY Mills. It can be mounted or removed readily without tools.

Mark-T Dust Collector Cabinet
Designed to confine dust internally and lower noise level. The MARK-T has a special compartment for the UDY Grinder that is lined with a full inch of sound abatement foam on all external walls and top. The foam reduces the high frequency sound waves caused by the grinding process. There are two access doors. The top door allows the operator to feed the grinder. The other allows the operator to remove the sample bottles more easily.

MARK-T Dims. 18½" H x 29½" W x 16½" D. Ship wt. 75 lbs.


  • 3010-080: Udy Cyclone Sample Mill 115V 60Hz Polyflex Belt Drive
  • 3010-081: Udy Cyclone Sample Mill 220V 50Hz Polyflex Belt Drive
  • 3010SM-F/B: Udy Cyclone Mill 110V 60Hz 3/4Hp Joined Belt Drive W/ Forage Cover
  • 3010SM-F/C: Udy Cyclone Mill 220V 50Hz 3/4Hp Joined Belt Drive W/ Forage Cover
  • 3010SM/B: Udy Cyclone Mill 115V 60Hz 3/4Hp Belt Drive
  • 3010SM/C: Udy Cyclone Mill 220V 50Hz 3/4Hp Belt Drive
  • 3010SM/D: Udy Cyclone Mill 110 V 50Hz 3/4Hp Belt Drive
  • 3010SM/E: Udy Cyclone Mill 220V 60Hz 3/4Hp Belt Drive

Accessories and Parts

Screens are available in steel and stainless steel with a range of sizes from .25mm to 3.00mm

  • 35-0496: Udy Mill Enclosure 115V 60Hz Without Vacuum System
  • 35-0497: Udy Mill Enclosure 115V 60Hz With 3/4hp Vacuum System
  • 30-0367: Udy Sample Mill Forage Cover W/Gasket & O Ring
  • 30-0387: Udy Cyclone Mill Collection Bottle Kit (2ea Glass 120ml & 1ea Plastic 150ml)
  • 35-0389: Glass Collection Bottle/120ml W/Snap Cap (72 Per Case)
  • 35-0390: Glass Collection Bottle/120ml W/Snap Cap (36 Per Case)
  • 35-0463: Plastic Collection Bottle W/Snap Lid 150ml
  • 30-0307: Udy Sample Mill Air Outlet Filter Assembly
  • 30-0308: Udy Sample Mill Air Filter Media
  • 35-0433: Joined Belts (Set Of 2)
  • 30-0316: Udy Sample Mill Aluminum Finished Impeller 8mm
  • 30-0335: Udy Sample Mill Copper Grinding Ring
  • 30-0382: Udy Sample Mill .25mm Steel Screen
  • 30-0303: Udy Sample Mill 0.5mm Steel Screen
  • 30-0302: Udy Sample Mill 1mm Steel Screen
  • 30-0318: Udy Sample Mill 2.0mm Steel Screen
  • 30-0500: Udy Sample Mill 0.8mm Stainless Steel Screen
  • 30-0499: Udy Sample Mill 0.5mm Stainless Steel Screen
  • 30-0498: Udy Sample Mill 1.0mm Stainless Steel Screen
 Seedburo 30-0318 Udy Sample Mill 2mm Steel Screen

Udy Sample Mill 2mm Steel Screen