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Tune-Up Kit for the LITTLE TUFFY Vacuum Pump

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The HMA LAB SUPPLY VA-1207 Tune-Up Kit for the Little Tuffy Vacuum Pump is a must-have for anyone who wants to keep their pump in optimal condition. This comprehensive kit contains everything you need to restore your pump to full strength.

Inside the kit, you will find 2 cup seals, 2 head gaskets for valve plates, 2 cup retainer screws, and 2 cylinder O-rings. These components are essential for maintaining the proper functioning of your pump. When combined with the replacement of 4 new leaf valves and an exhaust muffler, this kit is designed to bring your Little Tuffy Pump model 2562B-01 back to life.

The cup seals included in the kit ensure a tight and secure seal, preventing any leaks or loss of suction power. The head gaskets for valve plates are crucial for maintaining the integrity of the valve system, allowing for smooth and efficient operation. The cup retainer screws and cylinder O-rings provide the necessary support and stability, ensuring that all components work together harmoniously.

By replacing these key components and adding the new leaf valves and exhaust muffler, you can rest assured that your Little Tuffy Pump will perform at its best. No more worrying about reduced suction power or decreased efficiency. With the HMA LAB SUPPLY VA-1207 Tune-Up Kit, your pump will be as good as new.

Whether you are a professional needing reliable equipment for your laboratory or a DIY enthusiast who wants a dependable vacuum pump, this tune-up kit is an essential investment. It is designed to be user-friendly, allowing you to easily replace the worn-out parts and restore your pump's functionality without any hassle.

Don't let a worn-out vacuum pump hinder your work or project. Get the HMA LAB SUPPLY VA-1207 Tune-Up Kit for the Little Tuffy Vacuum Pump today and enjoy the benefits of a fully restored, high-performance pump.
 HMA Lab Supply VA-1207 Tune-Up Kit for the LITTLE TUFFY Vacuum Pump

Tune-Up Kit for the LITTLE TUFFY Vacuum Pump