Tubing, vacuum, 18 inch length

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The United Scientific TUBEFK Tubing is a high-quality, vacuum tubing that measures 18 inches in length and is sold in a pack of seven units. This tubing is a must-have for any laboratory that requires a reliable and economical method of creating a vacuum or air pressure. The hand-operated air/vacuum pump is easy to use and each squeeze of the pump delivers around 15ml.

The pump is capable of creating a vacuum of 15mm Hg or an air pressure of approximately 2 atm (standard atmosphere). The pump includes a gauge, a removable cap, and an elastic valve, allowing for quick vacuum release without dismantling the pump from the line. This feature makes the United Scientific TUBEFK Tubing ideal for time-sensitive experiments where quick and efficient vacuums or air pressure adjustments are necessary.

This vacuum tubing is perfect for general laboratory use and can be used in a range of applications that do not require high or precise vacuums. The tubing is made of durable and high-quality material that ensures long-lasting use and reliable performance.

However, users must be cautious as the product contains chemicals that are known to cause cancer and reproductive harm, per California's Proposition 65. Users should take the necessary precautions to safeguard themselves, read the safety warnings, and follow the guidelines.

In conclusion, the United Scientific TUBEFK Tubing is a reliable, efficient, and economical solution for any laboratory that requires hand-operated air/vacuum pumps. The product guarantees reliable performance, durability, and ease of use, making it a valuable asset to any laboratory.


 United Scientific TUBEFK Tubing, vacuum, 18 inch length

Tubing, vacuum, 18 inch length