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Tremie Pipe, 8in Diameter

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Tremie Pipe, 8in Diameter

The Tremie Pipe has thick Polyethylene walls to provide extra long service

  • Tremmie Pipes include heavy duty steel chains and brackets
  • The Tremmie Pipes are available in two sizes: 12” dia x 4ft and 8” dia x 4 ft.
  • Made in the USA.
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The Tremie Hopper, manufactured by Deslauriers, is a specialized tool used in concrete pouring to ensure the efficient and controlled placement of concrete, particularly in deep or underwater construction applications. It is designed to facilitate the use of the tremie method, which is commonly employed for placing concrete below water or in situations where there is a risk of segregation or contamination.

The Tremie Hopper is constructed from high-quality materials, such as durable polyethylene or steel, to withstand the rigors of construction sites and provide long-lasting performance. It features a funnel-shaped design with a wide opening at the top and a narrow discharge at the bottom, allowing for a smooth and continuous flow of concrete.

During the concrete pouring process, the Tremie Hopper is positioned vertically above the placement area. The concrete is then loaded into the hopper, which acts as a reservoir, providing a consistent and uninterrupted supply of concrete to the placement point. The narrow discharge at the bottom ensures a controlled flow, minimizing the risk of segregation or unwanted debris entering the concrete.

One of the key advantages of using a Tremie Hopper is its ability to prevent the ingress of water into the concrete during underwater placement. The hopper is designed to maintain a positive pressure at the discharge point, preventing water from entering the flow of concrete and ensuring a homogeneous mix.

Moreover, the Tremie Hopper allows for precise placement of concrete in deep foundations, caissons, bridge piers, and other submerged or confined structures. Its design ensures that the concrete is placed in a column without significant free fall, reducing the risk of segregation and maintaining the structural integrity of the final product.

In summary, the Tremie Hopper by Deslauriers is a specialized tool that plays a critical role in concrete pouring using the tremie method. It provides a controlled flow of concrete, prevents water ingress, and enables precise and efficient placement in challenging construction scenarios. The use of the Tremie Hopper contributes to the successful execution of complex projects, ensuring the durability and quality of concrete structures.

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