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Thermolyne F6010 Large Muffle Furnace, Max. Temp. 2192F, 14L, 3095W

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Furnace Max Temperature:
Furnace Chamber Size:
864 / 14 L
Minimum Purchase:
1 unit

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Thermolyne F6010 Large Muffle Furnace, Max. Temp. 2192F, 14L, 3095W

The Thermolyne Muffle Furnace is used for ashing, ignition tests, gravimetric analyses, and volatile matter determinations. For construction materials, furnaces are used for tests of soils, aggregates, and cement. This unit has rugged components and top quality materials to assure longest service life.  The max. temp range for this furnace is 2192F (1200C) and has a chamber capacity is 864in3.

The programmable controller operates like single set-point controllers, except it can be programmed to ramp up or down as well as to dwell for constant temperature periods. This model also features an over-temperature protection. It also has a 2-ramp/2-dwell program capability and a 0.3in (7.6mm) LED digital display in either °C or °F.

Muffle Furnace has a 0.5ft³ (14.2L) capacity and temperature range of 212–2,192°F (100–1,200°C).

This premium large muffle box furnace has a built-in vent port to remove unwanted moisture and contaminants while extending the service life of the heating element and furnace. The unit has thermocouple break protection to cut power to heating elements and prevent thermocouple failure runaway.

Its spacious chamber offers four heating elements on the top, bottom, and each side for enhanced uniformity of temperature. The chamber rear is equipped with a 0.31in (7.8mm) diameter port for monitoring temperature. When the door is opened, a safety switch stops power to the heating elements.

The temperature stability is ±0.3 at 1,000°C, and temperature uniformity is ±2.2 at 1,000°C. Its controller is a digital single setpoint showing actual temperature and setpoint.

Also has multiple elements in sides, tops, and/or bottoms. Since doors and backs have no elements, only the center two-thirds of the chamber is considered uniform in temperature, and chamber size should be selected accordingly. This unit has a ceramic fiber insulation for faster heat-up and reduction of energy consumption. It is also equipped with safety interlock door switches. Power to the elements is automatically cut off when the door is opened. Supplied with a cord and plug.


  • Crucible Tongs to safely remove beakers and other labware from the furnace
  • Porcelain Crucibles used for loss-on-ignition testing of cement, fly ash, and soils and are available in 10, 30, or 45mL
  • Heat Resistant Gloves provide additional operator protection from high temperatures when placing or removing items inside the furnace

Thermo Scientific Furnaces [EU]


Capacity (English)       0.5 cu.ft.

Certifications/Compliance      CSA approved

Description     F6010

Capacity (Metric)        14.2 L

Temperature (Metric) 100C to 1200C

Type    Single Setpoint with Ramp and Programmable

Power Consumption   3095 w

Amps 12.9

Temperature Stability 0.3 at 1000C (2.2 at 1000C)

Dimensions (D x W x H) Interior         10 x 12.8 x 6.8 in. (25 x 33 x 18 cm)

Dimensions (L x W x H) Exterior        20.1 x 19.1 x 21in. (51 x 48.5 x 53.3 cm)

Electrical Requirements          240 50/60 Hz

Voltage            240 V

Frequency       50/60 Hz

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Thermo Scientific Thermolyne F6010 Large Muffle Furnace, Max. Temp. 2192F, 14L, 3095W

Thermolyne F6010 Large Muffle Furnace, Max. Temp. 2192F, 14L, 3095W

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