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Test tube rack, wire, epoxy-coated

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The United Scientific TTWE01 Test Tube Rack is an essential addition to any laboratory or research facility. This sturdy test tube rack is made from heavy-duty wire and is coated with a durable epoxy material that ensures long-lasting use. The wire design of the rack offers exceptional stability and support for test tubes, making it perfect for a wide range of laboratory applications.

This rack can hold up to four test tubes at a time, making it convenient and efficient for use in medium-sized experiments. The epoxy coating ensures that you can securely place test tubes without worrying about them slipping or falling from the rack, even under high-temperature or high-pressure conditions.

Apart from its sturdy construction, the United Scientific TTWE01 Test Tube Rack is also designed to be highly functional. The wire structure of the rack provides ample space between each slot, allowing you to easily access your test tubes when conducting experiments. The rack is also autoclavable, which means that it can easily be sterilized and reused without any concerns about contamination.

In terms of safety, the United Scientific TTWE01 Test Tube Rack comes with a warning label that alerts users to potential risks of exposure to cancer and reproductive harm. This label complies with state and federal safety regulations, ensuring compliance with workplace safety protocols.

Overall, the United Scientific TTWE01 Test Tube Rack serves as an invaluable tool for laboratory researchers and professionals who need a reliable and sturdy rack for their experiments. Whether you are conducting medical research, chemical analysis, or any other scientific investigation that requires the use of test tubes, this rack is a must-have to ensure the safety, convenience, and success of your work.
 United Scientific TTWE01 Test tube rack, wire, epoxy-coated

Test tube rack, wire, epoxy-coated