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Test tube drying rack, 50 places (pk of 6)

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The United Scientific 77852 Test Tube Drying Rack is the perfect solution for drying your laboratory equipment and minimizing the collection of airborne contaminants. Made of high-quality polypropylene, these racks feature an array of pegs that can hold up to 50 tubes with a diameter of up to 16mm. Each pack comes with six racks, making it an ideal choice for laboratories that frequently handle multiple samples simultaneously.

These test tube drying racks are not only highly functional but also incredibly versatile. They can be used to dry not only inverted tubes but also electrophoresis and chromatography plates, making them a must-have in any well-equipped laboratory. Furthermore, these racks are autoclavable, ensuring that your instruments remain uncontaminated and free from any harmful bacteria or viruses.

The 5 x 10 array of pegs allows for ample space to dry your tubes and samples without overcrowding or risking damage from clumping together. The pegs securely hold your tubes and other equipment in place, preventing any potential spills, and also allow for easy organization and sorting by experiment, user or other criteria.

So, invest in the United Scientific 77852 Test Tube Drying Rack to streamline your laboratory processes and maintain the quality and integrity of your experiments. These racks provide excellent value for money, long-lasting durability and functionality, making them an essential addition to any laboratory seeking to maintain high standards of scientific endeavors.
 United Scientific 77852 Test tube drying rack, 50 places (pk of 6)

Test tube drying rack, 50 places (pk of 6)