Test tube clamp, steel wire, brass finish, with finger grips

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This is the United Scientific TTCL03 Test Tube Clamp, a must-have laboratory accessory for securely holding test tubes in place during experiments. The clamp is made of steel wire, which is strong enough to hold the test tube firmly and prevent it from slipping or falling. The brass finish on the clamp not only gives it a premium look but also adds to its durability.

Featuring a self-closing mechanism, the clamp is incredibly easy to use. Simply open the jaws of the clamp and place the test tube in between them. The clamp will then automatically close around the test tube, ensuring a secure grip. This feature also allows for one-handed operation, making it ideal for multitasking scientists who need their other hand free.

The finger grips on the clamp provide a comfortable and secure grip, allowing users to apply the necessary pressure when needed without risking any slippage. This feature is especially helpful when dealing with smaller test tubes, which can be quite delicate and require a gentle yet firm grip.

In addition to its functional features, the United Scientific TTCL03 Test Tube Clamp also comes with a warning label indicating that it may contain chemicals or materials that are known to cause cancer or reproductive harm. This warning is a requirement of the state of California's Proposition 65, aimed at keeping consumers informed about potential health risks.

Each pack contains 60 clamps, making it a great value for educational institutions or industrial laboratories. Whether you're a seasoned researcher or a student just starting out in the science field, the United Scientific TTCL03 Test Tube Clamp is an essential part of any laboratory setup.


 United Scientific TTCL03 Test tube clamp, steel wire, brass finish, with finger grips

Test tube clamp, steel wire, brass finish, with finger grips