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Stroboscope AC Powered- 115 Volt

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The SEEDBURO STROBETTE STROBOSCOPE is the perfect tool for precise measurements and analysis in various industries. This stroboscope provides an efficient and accurate way to measure motion and detect rotational or linear faults in machinery. With its AC powered feature, it operates effortlessly at 115 volts, ensuring reliable performance and longevity.

The BAX115 Stroboscope AC Powered- 115 Volt is the main component of this product. It delivers consistent and powerful illumination, allowing for clear and detailed observation of rotating or moving objects. Its user-friendly design makes it easy to adjust the flash rate, providing the flexibility to analyze motion at different speeds. Whether you need to calibrate a machine or troubleshoot a mechanical issue, this stroboscope will be your go-to tool.

To ensure uninterrupted operation, the SEEDBURO STROBETTE STROBOSCOPE offers additional parts that are essential for maintenance. The BBX-LAMP is a replacement lamp specifically designed for the BAX and BBX stroboscopes. With its high-quality construction and longevity, you can trust this lamp to deliver consistent and reliable performance.

For added convenience, the BBX-RECHARGER is included in this product package. This recharger is specifically designed for the BBX stroboscope, providing a reliable and efficient way to recharge the device. With its quick charging capability, you can minimize downtime and keep your stroboscope ready for use whenever you need it. No more worrying about running out of battery during critical measurements or inspections.

In summary, the SEEDBURO STROBETTE STROBOSCOPE is a powerful and reliable tool for professionals in various industries. From mechanical troubleshooting to machine calibration, this stroboscope offers accurate and precise motion analysis. With its AC powered feature and additional parts such as the replacement lamp and recharger, you can rely on this product for long-lasting and uninterrupted operation. Invest in this stroboscope and experience the efficiency and accuracy it brings to your work.


 Seedburo BAX115 Stroboscope AC Powered- 115 Volt

Stroboscope AC Powered- 115 Volt

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