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Strain Gauge Contact Point

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Strain Gauge Contact Point

Contact Point is made of hardened steel, and mounts in the frame of the Strain Gauge Set for proper positioning in contact seats. Has a threaded end for ease of attachment to the frame.


  • Threaded end allows for easy attachment to the frame
  • Points assure proper positioning in seats when taking measurements
  • Constructed of hardened steel

Strain Gauge Set Test Methods

This Strain Gauge Set meets the following test methods:

Accessories to Strain Gauge Set Test: 

  • Invar Master Bar checks space settings of gauge and is available in Imperial or Metric. It is required to verify calibration of the Strain Gauge
  • Strain Gauge Punch Bar provides accuracy to locate the brass inserts in the specimen and is available in Imperial or Metric. It is required for use with the Strain Gauge Set
  • Strain Gauge Contact Point is hardened steel, mounts in Strain Gauge frame, and is positioned in Contact Seats when measuring strain
Global Gilson HMA-151 Strain Gauge Contact Point

Strain Gauge Contact Point